If there was one platform that grabbed the big opportunity, it was none other than Zoom. The global Covid-19 pandemic led to lockdown measures and the Work From Home (WFH) culture. Hence, people were unable to keep in touch with their near and dear ones. Undoubtedly, Zoom became a popular option in 2020.  

Users benefited from world-class tools for private chatting, video conferencing, and webinars. The Zoom app became the one-stop destination for conducting online events, group interactions, and meetings. 

Aspiring entrepreneurs can become tech giants by establishing a customized video conferencing app like Zoom. They can reach out to a well-known app development company for creating Android and iOS apps, an admin dashboard, and a web panel.

What is the meaning of a Zoom clone app?

  • It is a tailor-made video conferencing solution suitable for both business firms and individual users. The Zoom clone app can be used 24×7, has a friendly user interface and is multi-device compatible.
  • The Zoom clone script is perfect for different industries like education, financial services, healthcare, and information technology. Further, government organizations can boost their productivity by using it. Moreover, they can directly interact with the citizens via real-time video communication. 
  • Generally, there are 4 types of subscription plans on a Video conferencing app like Zoom. Users can purchase the Basic Plan and conduct or take part in unlimited group meetings for a certain duration. Importantly, the other plans are Pro (Small teams), Business (Limited-size firms) and Enterprise (Large corporate companies). 

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What are the benefits offered by Zoom Events and Zoom Webinars?

  • Physical events are not possible due to the severe coronavirus pandemic. Hence, virtual events have become the new normal. Similarly, the Zoom clone app can conduct digital events in a glitch-free manner.
  • Hosts and organizers can utilize features like customized registration and ticketing tools, event hubs, an event lobby with a private chat option, and a post-event recording library. Further, they can access detailed performance reports about events such as the number of attendees, registered participants, and ticket sales.
  • The Zoom clone for business also permits unlimited webinars for a specific duration. Corporate enterprises can prepare comprehensive lists of actual attendees and registered members.
  • Besides that, they can integrate their CRM software and digital marketing tools. Commercial firms can also access other features like audience engagement reports, cloud recording, and live streaming.
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How can business firms communicate better with the Zoom United Plan?

Zoom United contains 3 plans, Pro, Business, and Enterprise. All the yearly subscription plans are packed with various features. Hence it is apt for real-time communication with their clients and employees spread across the world. The Pro Plan contains features like automatic call distribution, cloud storage facilities, a detailed dial by name directory, social media streaming, and unlimited calling.  

The Business Plan offers more functionalities than the Pro subscription. Hosts can conduct video meetings with more participants. They can use other options such as a single sign-on (SSO) mechanism and transcript recording. Further, business firms can maintain their reputation by using branding tools and customized domains. 

Importantly, the Enterprise Plan is a fully integrated video chatting and meeting solution. Large companies benefit from access to software licenses and unlimited calling across several countries. Hosts can conduct video conferences with a greater number of participants via the Enterprise plan than the Pro and Business subscriptions. 

What are the eye-catching features of a Video conferencing app like Zoom?

Focus Mode – Teachers can manage their online classes with students better by using the Focus mode option. They can watch the activities of their wards efficiently. Generally, the students cannot view the screen-share or videos of other participants. 

Professors benefit from a high level of flexibility. They can tap the Focus mode while doing a presentation and switch it off during a class discussion. It is applicable for both individual and group classes. 

Immersive View – It creates artificial virtual spaces reflecting art galleries, boardrooms, classrooms, and coffee shops. Hosts can explore options like resize of the attendee ratio, resolution recommendations, and separate layouts for small and large groups.  

Telehealth appointments – A Zoom clone is apt for the online healthcare industry. It follows all the guidelines of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), 1996. Likewise, biotech and pharma companies along with doctors and small clinics can use the video conferencing options for medical education and telehealth.  

Healthcare specialists can directly share the Zoom meeting link via email or text without mentioning their contact details. They can fully use features like annotation, HD audio and video conferencing, instant recording of medical consultations, and integration with Electronic Health Records (EHR). 

Screen-Sharing with Breakout Rooms – Both co-hosts and hosts can divide their video meetings on the Zoom clone script into several sessions. They can accommodate the extra participants in the Breakout Rooms. Importantly, the hosts can press the Screen-Sharing option to all the active Breakout Rooms. Hence, the participants in a video conference will get all the required information though they are not part of the main meeting. 

Whiteboard – Teachers can draw and write educational content by utilizing the Whiteboard. They can also allow students to use options like drawing or annotation. Furthermore, the whiteboard feature is accessible after the hosts switch on the screen-sharing option. 

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What is the cost of creating a Zoom clone app?

Several facets influence the budget of developing the Zoom clone script. It relies on the choice of basic and premium features, cross-platform compatibility, level of customization demanded by entrepreneurs, the type of tech stack, and wages paid to the mobile app developers. 

Wrapping Up

Above all, Zoom is the ultimate leader in the global video conferencing industry. It has also introduced lots of games in its Apps marketplace. This will help people to become more casual and relaxed while attending a video meeting. 

The American platform is highly suitable for both business and personal communication across several devices. Importantly, it is focussing more on privacy and security measures. 

Therefore, entrepreneurs can become torchbearers of the digital era. They can connect with a specialized app development company and come out with a Zoom clone for business today!  

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