Single board computers (SBCs) have most of the same traits as your standard desktop computer but with one major difference: everything is located on a single board (as the name suggests).

Each has unique applications but it turns out that single board computers have distinct advantages over desktops. Here are the biggest advantages of using a single board computer.

Very Affordable

Single board computers from this site are great because of how cost-friendly they are. Depending on the kind of tech you are looking at, they can be quite expensive. Even though desktop computers are far more affordable than they once were, they can still get quite pricey depending on the specifications.

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Single board computers are very affordable. Part of the reason is because it has far fewer components than the standard desktop. Sure, it has a processor, inputs/outputs, and a few of the other things that the average computer has. But with no need to house the single board computer and no need for monitors or the other accessories that come with the territory, they are far more cost-effective.

Space Savers

Not every situation and setting can accommodate a desktop computer. Sure, we might be more familiar with how they work but there are certain sacrifices that must be made. With a single board computer, even the tightest of areas can be accommodated.

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There is a reason why single board computers are used for industrial and medical purposes, among other things. They don’t require very much space to work with, helping to operate a variety of machines that serve critical purposes.

Easy to Set Up

Desktops, even as user-friendly as they have become, require a bit of time to set up. If you like to build your own computer, it becomes even more cumbersome and time consuming. The beauty of single board computers is that they are very simple to set up.

Single board computers come with a variety of built-in features, making them far easier to set up. Users can apply them for any number of uses without the additional hassle of having to go through a setup process. It also equates to far less time spent during the installation process, which can prove valuable in certain industries. Combined with the cost-effectiveness, it is easy to see why these are a preferred option for the medical and industrial sectors, among others.

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Very Durable

Despite their relatively small size, single board computers are actually very durable. How can that be when they are so small? It’s because they were designed to stand up against extreme conditions, particularly high temperatures like those that are common in the aforementioned industries.

They aren’t meant to be knocked around, so they will be destroyed if subjected to regular physical abuse. In environments with harsher conditions, they are much better suited than traditional desktop computers. Even if something does go wrong, their low price point makes it easy to replace them.

Highly Adaptable

There is no one specific advantage that puts single board computers over the top. But near the top of the list is the fact that they are quite adaptable compared to desktops. The latter has certain limitations and can only be applied in a limited number of situations and settings.

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Single board computers are great because they can be adapted for a variety of uses. There is no need to acquire a brand-new computer system because single board computers can be adapted to fit the needs of the specific user. As we’ve covered above, they are also used in a number of industries, showing how truly adaptable they can be.




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