1 Vail Valley Christian
2 Valentin Healthy Christian
3 Valentino Healthy Christian
4 Vance Thresher Christian
5 Vaschel Little ash tree Christian
6 Vere alder Christian
7 Vered Rose victor – winner Christian
8 Vern place of aldertrees Christian
9 Verna place of aldertrees Christian
10 Vernon place of aldertrees Christian
11 Vester from the forest Christian
12 Vic Victor Christian
13 Vicente One who prevails ; the conquerer Christian
14 Vick conqueror Christian
15 Vicky conqueror Christian
16 Victor Victor Christian
17 Viktor Victor Christian
18 Vin conquering Christian
19 Vince A short form of vincent Christian
20 Vincent To occupy Christian
21 Vincente Conquering Christian
22 Vincenzo Conqueror Christian
23 Vinny A familiar form of vincent, calvin Christian
24 Vinson Son of vincent Christian
25 Vito One who gives life Christian
26 Vortigern highlord Christian

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