1 Raahul Son of lord buddha Christian
2 Raanan Fresh, new Christian
3 Race Race Christian
4 Radcliff red Christian
5 Radclyffe redcliff Christian
6 Radley Red meadow; meadow of reeds Christian
7 Radnor Red shore; shore with reeds Christian
8 Radwan Delight Christian
9 Rafe A form of ralph Christian
10 Raffael God has healed Christian
11 Rainard wiseruler Christian
12 Raine Lord or wise counsel. Christian
13 Raleigh red Christian
14 Ralph Wolf counselor. Christian
15 Ralphie A familiar form of ralph Christian
16 Ralston Ralph’s settlement Christian
17 Ramsey Ram’s island Christian
18 Ranald wiseruler Christian
19 Rand Shield; warrior Christian
20 Randal A form of randolph Christian
21 Randall Protected. Christian
22 Randell A form of randolph Christian
23 Randolph shield-wolf Christian
24 Randy A familiar form of rand Christian
25 Ranen Joyous raphael – healed by god Christian
26 Rankin Small shield Christian
27 Ranndy The wolf shield Christian
28 Ransley Raven’s field Christian
29 Ransom Son of the shield Christian
30 Raphael God has healed Christian
31 Rashadd Integrity of conduct Christian
32 Rashaun Godisgracious Christian
33 Rashawn Godisgracious Christian
34 Rastus beloved Christian
35 Ravid Wander Christian
36 Ravon A form of raven Christian
37 Rawdon Rough hill Christian
38 Ray A short form of raymond Christian
39 Rayce A form of race Christian
40 Raymon A form of raymond Christian
41 Raymund wiseprotector Christian
42 Raymundo King of the world Christian
43 Raynard wiseandstrong Christian
44 Rayner wisewarrior Christian
45 Read red-headedorruddy-complexioned Christian
46 Rearden littlepoet-king Christian
47 Red red Christian
48 Redd red-headed ruddycomplexioned Christian
49 Redley Red meadow; meadow with reeds Christian
50 Redmond wise protector Christian
51 Redmund wise protector Christian
52 Reece ardor, heatofpassion Christian
53 Reed red-headed ruddycomplexioned Christian
54 Rees ardor, heatofpassion Christian
55 Reese ardor, heatofpassion Christian
56 Reg A short form of reginald Christian
57 Reggie A familiar form of reginald Christian
58 Regginald The king Christian
59 Reginald wiseruler Christian
60 Rehoboam whoenlargesthepeople Christian
61 Reid red-headed ruddycomplexioned Christian
62 Reinaldo Ruler with counsel Christian
63 Remington Raven estate Christian
64 Renaldo Ruler with counsel Christian
65 Renato Reborn Christian
66 Renfred Lasting peace Christian
67 Renzo The third-born son Christian
68 Reuben Behold, a son Christian
69 Reuel Friend of god richard – great strength Christian
70 Rex King Christian
71 Rexton King’s town Christian
72 Rexx A king Christian
73 Rey Regal Christian
74 Rhett advice Christian
75 Riccardo A powerful ruler Christian
76 Ricco A powerful ruler Christian
77 Rich A short form of richard Christian
78 Richard Means a rich and powerful ruler Christian
79 Richardd A powerful ruler Christian
80 Richie powerful ruler Christian
81 Rick A short form of frederick, richard Christian
82 Ricker Powerful army Christian
83 Rickey A familiar form of richard, rick Christian
84 Ricki powerful ruler Christian
85 Rickie A familiar form of rick Christian
86 Ricky A familiar form of richard, rick Christian
87 Rickyy A powerful ruler Christian
88 Ridge Ridge of a cliff Christian
89 Ridgeley Meadow near the ridge Christian
90 Ridley Meadow of reeds Christian
91 Riel manofGod Christian
92 Rigby Ruler’s valley Christian
93 Rigg Ridge Christian
94 Rik powerful ruler Christian
95 Rikki powerful ruler Christian
96 Rimmon pomegranate Christian
97 Ringo A familiar form of ring Christian
98 Riordan littlepoet-king Christian
99 Rishon First Christian
100 Risley Meadow with shrubs Christian
101 Riston Settlement near the shrubs Christian
102 Ritchard A form of richard Christian
103 Ritchie A form of richie Christian
104 Roan A short form of rowan Christian
105 Rob A short form of robert Christian
106 Robbert One who is bright with fame Christian
107 Robbie A familiar form of robert Christian
108 Robby A familiar form of robert Christian
109 Robeert One who is bright with fame Christian
110 Roberrt One who is bright with fame Christian
111 Robert Signifies bright fame Christian
112 Roberts Son of robert Christian
113 Robertson Son of robert Christian
114 Robertt One who is bright with fame Christian
115 Robinson Son of robert Christian
116 Rochester Rocky fortress Christian
117 Rockley Rocky field Christian
118 Rocky rest, Christian
119 Rod A short form of penrod Christian
120 Rodderick A famous ruler Christian
121 Roddney From the famous one Christian
122 Roddrick Famous ruler Christian
123 Roddy A familiar form of roderick Christian
124 Roden Red valley Christian
125 Roderic famous power Christian
126 Roderick reddish-brown Christian
127 Roderrick A famous ruler Christian
128 Rodge famous spear Christian
129 Rodger Famous spear Christian
130 Rodney fen, island, Christian
131 Roe Roe deer Christian
132 Roger Famous spear Christian
133 Rohaan Ascending Christian
134 Rolf famouswolf Christian
135 Rolland famous land Christian
136 Rollie A familiar form of roland Christian
137 Rollin A form of roland Christian
138 Rollo A familiar form of roland Christian
139 Rolo famous land Christian
140 Roly famous land Christian
141 Roman Roman Christian
142 Romeo Pilgrim to rome Christian
143 Ronald A form of reynold Christian
144 Ronaldo Ruler with counsel Christian
145 Roni Shout for joy, my song of joy Christian
146 Ronn Rules with good judgment Christian
147 Ronnald The king Christian
148 Ronny wiseruler Christian
149 Roper Rope maker Christian
150 Rorie redking Christian
151 Rorry A red-haired man Christian
152 Rory redking Christian
153 Roscoe roe-deer Christian
154 Ross From the peninsula; Mighty horse(German) Christian
155 Rover Traveler Christian
156 Rowan Tree with red berries Christian
157 Rowell Roe-deer well Christian
158 Rowland famous land Christian
159 Rowley Rough meadow Christian
160 Rowson Son of the redhead Christian
161 Roy king Christian
162 Royal king Christian
163 Royce Son of roy Christian
164 Royle rye Christian
165 Rubben Behold , a son! Christian
166 Rube flame of God Christian
167 Ruben Beholf of a son Christian
168 Rudd A short form of rudyard Christian
169 Rudolph famous wolf Christian
170 Rudy A familiar form of rudolph Christian
171 Rudyard redpad dock Christian
172 Ruffus A red-haired man Christian
173 Rugby Rook fortress Christian
174 Russ little redone Christian
175 Russel little redone Christian
176 Russell little redone Christian
177 Rusty rust-coloredhair, Christian
178 Rutley Red meadow Christian
179 Ryaan The little ruler ; little king Christian
180 Ryan Little king Christian
181 Rye A grain used in cereal and whiskey Christian
182 Rylan Land where rye is grown Christian
183 Ryland A form of rylan Christian
184 Ryle Rye hill Christian
185 Ryley ryeclearing Christian
186 Ryyan The little ruler ; little king Christian
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