1 Naaman Pleasant Christian
2 Naasir Protector Christian
3 Nachmanke Compassionate one Christian
4 Nachum Comforter Christian
5 Nadav Nobel, a generous one Christian
6 Naftali mystrife Christian
7 Nahum Comforter Christian
8 Nandy ardent for peace Christian
9 Naphtali mystrife Christian
10 Nash attheash Christian
11 Nasiir Protector Christian
12 Nat A short form of nathan Christian
13 Nate Gift of god Christian
14 Nathan He (god) has given Christian
15 Nathanial Gift of god Christian
16 Nathaniel Gift of god Christian
17 Nathaniell A gift from god Christian
18 Nathann A gift from god Christian
19 Nathen He (god) has given Christian
20 Natthan A gift from god Christian
21 Nayland Island dweller Christian
22 Neal champion Christian
23 Neas man offorce Christian
24 Ned A familiar form of edward Christian
25 Neely champion Christian
26 Nehemiah Consoled by god Christian
27 Neill The champion Christian
28 Nelson Literally son of neil. Christian
29 Neo A gift from god Christian
30 Nesbit Nose-sharped bend in a river Christian
31 Nestor Return Christian
32 Nethaneel givenofGod Christian
33 Nethaniah givenofJehovah Christian
34 Nevan littlebone Christian
35 Nevil newtown Christian
36 Neville newtown Christian
37 Nevin Middle; herb Christian
38 Newell New hall Christian
39 Newt news ettlement Christian
40 Newton New town Christian
41 Niccolas The victory of people Christian
42 Nicholaas Of the victorious people Christian
43 Nicholes Son of nicholas Christian
44 Nichollas Of the victorious people Christian
45 Nichols Son of nicholas Christian
46 Nicholson Son of nicholas Christian
47 Nick A short form of dominic, nicholas Christian
48 Nickolas victor of the people Christian
49 Nicola victor of the people Christian
50 Nicolaas The victory of people Christian
51 Nicollas The victory of people Christian
52 Nidhogg dreaded striker Christian
53 Nigel champion Christian
54 Nigell Dark cloud Christian
55 Nikkolai Victorious Christian
56 Nikolai Victorious Christian
57 Nilax A name of lord shiv Christian
58 Nimbus bright cloud surrounding a god Christian
59 Nimrod Bowman Christian
60 Nirel God’s field nisi – emblem Christian
61 Nivek little comely one Christian
62 Nixon Son of nick Christian
63 Noadiah God assembles Christian
64 Noah Rest; comfort Christian
65 Noahh A peaceful wanderer Christian
66 Noam Pleasant friend Christian
67 Noble noble Christian
68 Nogah shining splendor, Christian
69 Noll elfarmy Christian
70 Nollan A famous and noble man ; a champion of the people Christian
71 Norberto Bright north Christian
72 Norm northman Christian
73 Normand north protection Christian
74 Norrie northman Christian
75 Norris from the north Christian
76 Norton Nothern town Christian
77 Norvin Nothern friend Christian
78 Norward Protector oh the north Christian
79 Norwood north Christian
80 Nowell day of birth Christian
81 Nun fish Christian
82 Nyle Island Christian
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