It’s not for nothing that people say that your childhood constitutes the golden years of your life. Free of worries about running a household or your business or working for others to earn a living, you are at peace from all worldly concerns. And, interestingly, all you can think about is play!


With no responsibilities to shoulder or intensive studies, you have ample time to focus on games, creativity, and all manner of fun. Remembering your childhood brings back memories of indulging in doll games, playing kitchen-kitchen with your sibling or cousin, riding your toy horse, or rather riding pillion on it along with an older sibling. At the same time, especially in the case of girls, how could you forget what a gala time you had while playing fashion games.


It was either dressing up your doll in different clothes or using your mom’s stole to customize it according to the dress choice you most loved. However, of late, that has been replaced by a more advanced form that you can use as an app.


Because technology is entering almost every aspect of our lives, it has added significantly to the entertainment field too, with more advancement in enjoying ourselves. Following are the points that shine a light on why it would be a good idea to encourage your child or teen to play a fashion spil.

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Entertainment quotient

Playing dress-up online or while using a mobile fashion game app can be an excellent source of entertainment for kids and teens alike. Rather than running helter-skelter, they can occupy themselves with dwelling on a toj design, thus using time constructively.


Develops creativity

A fashion game app or website enables your teen or kid to apply their brains while deciding on different gears like shoes, purses, handbags, clothes, and other accessories. That way, they can become more creative and imaginative since they have to arrive at what would look best on the doll or any other character they are trying to makeover.

Boosts memory

Some fashion games require your kid to know how to dress a character beforehand. For that, they show a model dressed in a particular way shortly in the beginning, based on which the child has to dress up its character. As a result, it adds to a kid’s ability to retain things, building up their short-term memory.


Develops fashion skills

Keeping your kid engaged in a fashion game, especially if it’s a girl, is like laying the foundation for them to acquire a sense of colors and fabric early on itself. Of course, playing the game requires some skill, such as pairing up the doll or the character in question with a particular dress and color. It also entails choosing the skin tone to understand better what suits your complexion or which color goes best with another one.

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Builds clarity of thought

A fashion game may also require your kid or teen to doll up a character in a matter of minutes. Due to its high entertainment and fun level, the kid is motivated to think and act quickly, further improving their mental skills and decision-making ability.


Thus, in addition to encouraging creativity and developing mental skillfulness, a fashion game is an excellent way of allowing kids to vent to their expression while equipping them with a sense of style.

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