Are you worried about the tiles of your bathroom? Whether you’re trying out bathroom renovations Melbourne or everywhere else, it’s important you choose the right tiles.

Most loved Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom tiles can make a big statement as it generally provides the foundation and tone for the room. We prefer the bathroom tiles to be pretty, stylish, and practical for cleaning and safety. It is best for the bathroom tiles to be durable, which is very easy to care for.

It is necessary for tiles to spice up the bathroom, and one prefers tiles to be non-slippery and moisture resistant so that the bathroom achieves the perfect look for the bathroom. When it comes to bathrooms, it is important to select tiles that have some texture and are slip-resistant. If you are looking for popular bathroom tiles, then we have got you covered.

Seven most loved Bathroom tiles in 2021:

Let’s check out what they are:

1.Graphic patterned tiles

This pattern is trendy nowadays, and it allows homeowners to use their creativity while using these tiles on the walls and floor in the bathroom. These tiles with geometric patterns have an extraordinary look and make your floor or wall have a magnificent appeal. Complex patterns with delicate colours can make the bathroom look more beautiful. These tiles can be found anywhere easily as these are a popular choice for people who prefer patterned tiles.

2.Wood tile

This wooden tile is currently trending as the unconventional look of the tiles has become popular with people. Tiles with wooden textures establish a sense of nature which is necessary for the bathroom. These tiles are resistant to dirt and moisture, and it also gives an aesthetic look to the bathroom. These tiles come in a variety of styles and colours, and they even look very realistic.

3.Magical Moroccan

Magical Moroccan has slowly become one of the most significant trends because of its intricating vibrant colours. These tiles create a unique appearance that is long-lasting. They are very easy to install, and they can be cleaned easily. Magical Moroccan provides an exotic touch to the bathroom, and these tiles will age beautifully over time.

4.Matte tiles

Matte tiles have a powerful style that does not look too overwhelming, and the advantage of these tiles is that the stain of water does not stay on them. Thus, these tiles are ideal for bathroom flooring, and it is easier to maintain them.To install matte tiles, one must ensure that the light is enough as these do not reflect any more light. They give an elegant look and provide an exceptionally polished appearance. They even provide the bathroom with a more dramatic appearance.

5.Hexagonal tiles

These tiles are more diverse, and they even come in different shapes, from traditional rectangles to any other geometric patterns. Hexagonal tiles come in all colours and textures, and they even provide the bathroom with a unique look. Creating unique patterns with colourful tiles would provide a more pleasant look to the bathroom. These tiles will remain stylish and popular for the upcoming years, and hence it is trending.

6.Marble-finish tiles

Marble is a natural stone with a unique colour and style, and it is famous for its luxurious beauty. Nowadays, we have more improved marble tiles with different colours and patterns. These marble tiles shine at their best and provide an elegant look. If you are looking for a luxurious and refined look with a reasonable budget, then marble is the best option for bathroom flooring.

7.Metallic tiles

Metallic flooring is another popular bathroom tile. It is the bright star of the fashionable novelties for the bathroom. These tiles are shiny, and they give our bathroom a magnificent and extravagant look. These are very easy to maintain, and these tiles can be done at a very reasonable price. Metallic tiles have a reflective exterior that gives a shining and classy look to any place.

Final thoughts

Choosing the right bathroom flooring is a very hectic job, and it is quite challenging.  Since there are so many varieties of tiles, we have to choose the right tile for the bathroom. Creating an elegant look for the bathroom has become a trend, and these tiles add colour and texture to the bathroom. And, of course, tiles are a very effective way to change the look of the interior design of the bathroom.

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