Having a social media strategy is a necessity in order to survive in this digitally oriented world. However, given the level of fierce competition, relying only on organic reach can be a risky move. Integrating paid social media into your social strategy can guarantee your content is seen by those who will be interested. Working with a paid media agency can also ensure your paid content is seamlessly integrated into your organic content, helping convert new audience members into followers.


The organic reach of most social media networks is slowly dwindling. Particularly on Facebook, brands are only able to reach valuable audiences through paid media. Even on Instagram and Twitter, brands have reported diminishing reach. It’s not enough anymore to publish content and hope consumers will be paying attention to your social media campaign. Investing in paid social media will increase your engagement tenfold. By having an increased engagement, you will naturally have a higher organic reach.


Given the importance of paid social marketing, all social networks offer clear metrics and data to accurately measure your performance. You can view Click Through Rate (CTR), Cost Per Click (CPC) and your overall Return on Investment (ROI) clearly to ensure your paid media strategy is working as it should be.

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However, just as with any marketing strategy, you need to make sure your paid media is relevant to your target audience. This means creating content in media formats they find engaging, and boosting content on platforms they natively use. While using paid media on any channel gives you guaranteed reach, you still want those viewing the paid content to be interested and relevant to your brand.


When using paid social media, it’s incredibly easy to target completely new customers within your target audience. Social media platforms offer various targeting options within their user database—Facebook offers over 1,500 data points to choose from.


You can set up your campaigns to only target users with a specific income level or living in a certain area. Likewise, you can create campaigns that only target followers, previous customers or those who have bounced from your website. As you get to select the parameters of your ad targeting, you can guarantee that your ads will be shown to those most likely to click on them.

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Using paid social teaches you a significant amount about your target audience. The insights received from paid social are more in-depth than organic content. From these insights, you can not only see the types of paid media that work best, but also receive an accurate representation of what your social media audience looks like demographic-wise, see how your paid ads perform compared to the organic content, and see which types of promotions result in the highest engagement.

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When working with a paid media agency, you can ensure your paid media is designed to guarantee the best possible results from the get-go. Paid media agencies have the experience and understanding required to run successful ad campaigns across all key social platforms. Paid media agencies can seamlessly integrate paid content into your organic strategy. This means that when a targeted user discovers your paid content, they will be able to go to your social page and find more organic content to engage with.


Creating paid ads on a platform you already have a presence on will be more impactful than activating paid media on a platform you have just joined. While you will still benefit from paid ads, either way, you might as well make the most of the audience you already have.

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