What is online marketing and how to do it?

What is online marketing and how to do it?
What is online marketing and how to do it?

Nowadays everything has gone online – electricity bill, water bill, banking, mobile recharge and hundreds of other things..
In today’s world when most things are going online fast, how can Corporate World lag behind in this race. That’s why marketing has also gone online in today’s online world, which we know as online marketing.

In this article we have discussed the basic elements of online or e-marketing in simple hindi language.

Whether you are a businessperson or a learner, online marketing can prove to be beneficial for you in every situation.

As a businessman, you can use online marketing to promote your business, while as a learner, you can earn a lot from it by learning online marketing.

But how?

In this article, we have told about the same thing that what is online marketing, how you can do it and how to earn money from it. Go to Home page

Complete information about online marketing

1). Meaning of online marketing

Online means – through the Internet and marketing means – to promote.

In this way the overall meaning of online marketing comes out-

marketing something using the internet

Simply put, online marketing (also called Internet marketing or e-marketing) is a method of marketing in which the Internet is used to reach people.

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For example, when we run Youtube, we see Ads. Even when we run Facebook and Instagram, we see ads. Apart from this, we all keep getting various types of promotional emails. All these are some well-known examples of online marketing.

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Hopefully by now you have understood the meaning of online marketing. So let us now know why online marketing is necessary for the growth of any business nowadays.

2). Why online marketing is necessary to grow business?

Importance (Why e-Marketing is so important):
Marketing is most effective on the platform where our target audience revolves.

Nowadays most of the people (regardless of what industry they belong to) are very active on the internet, so it is important that we pay special attention to marketing on the internet.

We call the strategy of promoting something through the Internet, Online Marketing, Internet Marketing or e-Marketing.

Through the Internet, we can easily and for less money market our products and services to a very narrowly targeted audience and generate very good ROI (Return On Investment) in the business.

3). Benefits of Internet Marketing

There are many such functions of internet marketing that make it much more beneficial than traditional marketing. Here are some such benefits of online marketing-

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Through Internet marketing, we can easily reach a narrowly targeted audience, that is, we can do our marketing only to those people who are interested in our products or services.

Offline marketing, also called traditional marketing, is very expensive marketing. Unless a good amount of money is invested in this, the chances of getting results are almost negligible. On the other hand, this is not the case with online marketing. You can start it with even Rs 50 and the results are often better than traditional marketing.

The tracking and analysis of online marketing is also very easy. In traditional marketing it is very difficult to find out how our marketing campaign worked. Whereas in e-marketing, we have such tools with the help of which we can easily find out how successful our marketing campaign was.

By marketing in the old ways of marketing, people are able to see and hear about our brand for a few days, whereas this is not the case with online marketing. Online marketing increases our online following so that we can reach them out even after the marketing campaign is over.

4). Some key words related to Internet Marketing (e-Marketing Glossary):

If you are thinking of doing something further in online marketing, then these are some online marketing terms that you must be aware of-

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1. ROI (Return On Investment)- ROI i.e. how much % did you profit from the amount of money you invested in marketing. For example, if you spent 1000 rupees in promoting your business and you got 2000 rupees from the customers coming through it, then it means that your ROI is 100%.

2. PPC (Pay Per Click)- This is a term related to the advertising model of online marketing. How much money you want to pay to Google in exchange for clicking on an ad, it is called PPC. And the amount of money Google gives to blogger out of your PPC in exchange for one click is called CPC i.e. Cost Per Click.

3. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

– Often, the more a website appears in Google, the more people come to it. The techniques used to get your website displayed in Google without any ads are called SEO.

4. CTR (Click Through Rate) – When you place an ad for your business, many people only see your ad while some people click on it. The % of people who click on your ad is called CTR.

Let’s say 100 people see your ad. Now if 1 person out of these hundred people clicks on your ad, then in this condition your CTR will be considered as 1%.

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5. Ad Impressions- The number of people who see your advertisement is called Impression.

6. Keyword-

The type of business you do, that is, the topic of your business, in common language, it is called keyword. You can read this post to know more about keywords.

7. SEM (Search Engine Marketing) – Just as SEO helps us to rank our website in the top of Google, similarly with SEM we can show our website to the people in Google first. The only difference between these two is that it takes time to do SEO but not money and it takes money to do SEM, not time!

8. Backlink- When any other website gives a link to our website, then it is called backlink. Backlinks are very important to rank your website organically in Google.

9. CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions)

– When our ad is seen thousand times by people, then the amount of money we have to pay to the publisher is called CPM. RPM (Revenue Per 1000 Impressions) is a term related to the same thing.

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