Graphic design is also referred to as communication design and can be split and elaborated further. Design is a tailor-made solution of a problem while graphic design is required to be functional before it forms an aesthetic. Graphic design can be translated to a range of types and can be incorporated in various forms of adverts, paintings, photographs, writings etc. Graphic designs are all around us and usually act as an infographic that depicts a message on behalf of a brand. Whether it’s a logo, a billboard sign, or a social media post, it is through graphic design you can share your ideas using visuals and text.

If you are interested in making your adverts and digital posts stand out, consider looking for a graphic design agency , who will be able to follow your instructions to the T while allowing their creativity to flow. Not to mention graphic designers can also lend a hand in designing your web pages to enhance user experience and cater to a unique aesthetic. To find the best design for your brand, here are the 8 types of graphic designs you can choose from.

Corporate Design

Corporate design represents the visual identity of business. Graphic of brand identity can be logo design, visiting card, folders, envelopes, letterheads etc. which is used to promote business.

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Packaging Design

Packaging design refers to the packaging of any product, designed to represent the product and the brand in order to make it more appealing to the customers. This can influence a customer’s spending patterns as they may judge the product’s packaging and appearance before making the final purchase.

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Motion Graphic Design

Motion graphic design is an animated form of graphic design. It also includes; audio, video, typography. animated text, websites, apps, video games, and animated logos. Additionally, Commercials and media animations are also considered as motion graphics.

Publication Graphic Design

This design involves communication with customers through public distortion through long form pieces, primarily print medium. Newsletter, directories, books, catalogues, magazines and newspaper are all considered as types of publication design. There are plenty of tools and applications to create and help in designing magazines, book covers, newspapers, icons etc.

Publication design is focused on layout, headings and headlines, with font sizes, colors and texts to manage and choose from.

Marketing & advertising design

Marketing and advertising graphic design represents posters, banners, billboards etc. This type of graphic design can be found in broadcasting, magazines and social media and more. Marketing graphic design handles visual appearance of a brand and promotes the brand’s product.

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UI Design

UI design is referred to as user interface, which is used for the frontal and non-technical designing of applications and websites. The emphasis of UI design is on mobiles, apps, games etc.

UX Design

UX design is all about an upgraded user experience and design. For instance, UX designs can make website more appealing and can enhance the experience for your audience significantly.

Web Design

Web design as the name suggests is the designing of web sites. A web designer manages colors, images text and the overall frontal layout of the website and its pages. Web design is very popular and require precise drawing and coding skills for an outstanding website.

With a range of graphic designing options to choose from, ensure you opt for one that suits your brand and its requirements. Graphic design is sure to enhance your communication with customers significantly.

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