Mankind has shown a significant amount of growth in recent years, but the foundation of this growth was laid many years ago. The way we live our lives is a prime example of how far we have come from living in the woods to sleeping on a comfortable bed. Now speaking of beds, there are different types of beds which are used mainly for a single purpose but the utilities attached with them have proven to be extremely helpful to us. For example, low foot beds come with short legs which makes it easier for kids to climb on them without seeking help from their parents. Similarly, there is a huge variety of beds which have different characteristics and features. In the following information, we will be taking a good look at the seven different types of beds which are available in the market.



As the name suggests, the four-poled beds have four long poles which extend from each corner of a bed. These type of beds were used back in the old days and they were in a very high demand then. The reason why they were so popular was that it would be extremely easy to fix a mosquito net on the poles surrounding the bed. You can still get a four-pole bed in the market or get it designed for yourself by a capable master of the craft of carpentry.

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Platform beds are simplistic beds which do not have anything special about them other than the fact that they have long legs and a huge space to accommodate at least two and at most four people. These beds are still used in a lot of parts of the world and you can get them made for yourself by a carpenter or even order them from any online furniture store. These beds are highly durable and they are going to last you a lifetime.



Bunk beds are the type of beds which kids love a lot. The reason why it is so is that these beds have two beds which are separated by each other by using an arrangement of woods. The two beds are vertically apart and two people can sleep peacefully on each of these beds. Bunk beds are still in fashion and they are not going anywhere as long as there are kids in the world.



Low foot sleigh beds are a combination of sleigh beds and low foot beds. These beds are extremely comfortable and are known to be best suited for the elderly and for those couples who are managing a kid aged between 2 to 5.

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Wingback beds have a headboard which is cushioned with the best type of foam and they are widely used because of the degree of comfort they bring to the users. Wingback beds are in a huge demand in a lot of countries and they are considered to be one of the best types of beds.



Commonly known as beds with storage space, box beds are often used by those who want to keep some of their stuff inside their bed because they have run out of storage space in their rooms.



Floor beds are beds of small height  which are usually preferred by older people because most of the time they cannot leave their tall beds due to their health issues.


After carefully considering the types of beds mentioned in the information provided above, you will be able to figure out which kind of bed will be suitable for you. It will become extremely easy for you to shop for the right bed when you know about the variety of beds available in the market. Knowing about the different types of beds will also give you an edge upon the malicious shopkeepers who will try to churn out huge amounts of money from you by telling you the wrong price of a particular bed. You must remember the given information if you truly want to get the best bed either for yourself or for someone you care about the most.

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