As the co-owner and partner of AUREA Multi Family Office since its inception in 2006, Raffaele Riva has spent his fair share of time beneath the limelight. Working to co-own and manage his real estate business, Riva has an extensive career in fields ranging from real estate and wealth planning to international issues including asset management. A decorated entrepreneur with several successful ventures under his belt, Raffaele Riva opened up during an interview with Ideamensch regarding his process and efforts.

Let’s explore the entrepreneurial efforts of Raffaele Riva while better learning about what sets him apart from his competition.

Creating Value With Raffaele Riva

Born in 1962, Raffaele Riva enjoyed an international upbringing thanks to his Italian and Swiss citizenship. Due to his background and its diversity, Riva became fluent in several languages, including French, English, and Italian.  Riva’s background set a foundation for much of what he has accomplished under his title at AUREA Multi Family Office.

For the AUREA Multi Family Office founder, success comes from a willingness to get to work. Riva says, “I usually start my working day at 8:00 am and I make sure the most urgent work gets done first.”

While there is no typical day in real estate or as an entrepreneur, Riva does everything that he can to make sure that he is prepared for the day that is ahead of him. Riva makes sure to keep his thoughts and schedules in order. Riva said in an interview with Ideamensch, “I plan my meetings and appointments with wide advance to make the productive day and not to waste time.”

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Find and Develop Your Passions

While an entrepreneurial spirit can take you in many directions, Raffaele Riva suggests that people follow their passions and focus on their futures.

Riva stated in an interview, “It is one thing to be helpful and support those around you when they need it. It is another to constantly put everyone else’s priorities ahead of your own.”

When developing his career path for the future, Riva focused on what he found himself to be most passionate about. For Riva, a love of real estate and a passion for business and finance meant that the two concepts would intersect with AUREA Multi Family Office. Riva said of his decision, “Do what you like and makes you feel better, believe in it, and never fear failure.”

While much of what Riva offers in advice centers on self-belief, he understands that a focus has to be made on the client being served. In fact, Riva goes so far as to say that it is best to always think “in terms of serving” even when the client was the individual who was in the wrong. Being able to concede, Riva suggests, can provide value to life.

Even with passion and a willingness to work there must be tempered expectations. One of the biggest regrets Raffaele Riva faced during his formative business years was the over-expansion of a business, leading to lost opportunities. Riva overcame this hurdle by shifting his focus to what he does best rather than trying to do everything for everyone.

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