The tyre is a lot more than just a ring of rubber, filled with air. They are created with a complex procedure and come in different sizes, shapes and designs to tackle several challenges on the road. Since tyres are the only source of contact that a vehicle has with the ground, they need to be strong enough to survive in different weather and road conditions. It’s a fact about tyres that one tyre can’t fit all situations. Hence, there are many types of tyres available to suit different requirements, such as – summer tyres, winter tyres, all-season tyres, run-flat tyres, performance tyres Fareham, etc. In this article, we will discuss the features, attributes and benefits of performance tyres and we’ll also understand why performance tyres can be a good choice for us. 

What are performance tyres? 

Designed to provide high levels of grip and handling at high speeds, these tyres are best suited to high-performance vehicles. They have a wider contact patch, which holds the ground when cornering. Hence, performance tyres provide more stability to racing and sports cars. Constructed with unique tread designs and patterns these tyre units are all about offering a smoother ride and an enhanced driving experience.  They are essentially built for use in streets but their technology is inspired by the tracks, customized to deliver greater manoeuvrability and control, especially in wet road conditions. The best quality performance tyres are built with a specialist compound which provides a shorter stopping distance than standard tyres. 

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Features of performance tyres 

High-performance tyres usually consist of the same basic components as regular tyres but they are innovatively customized to increase the overall performance of your car. 

  • A short and low profile sidewall to improve the car’s cornering abilities 
  • To provide lateral stiffness and protect the wheels they have rim flange protectors
  • Belts of high-performance tyres are placed slightly at a lower angle to maximize responsiveness
  • Bigger tread blocks to provide better grip and traction on dry as well as wet roads
  • Involves less aggressive blocks and blades in tyre tread to improve handling

Benefits of performance tyres

The performance tyres offer several advantages that a driver of a high-performance vehicle looks for, such as – 

Performance Tyres are designed to handle the rigours of high performance driving. Their durability and grip allow you to push your performance car beyond the limit, and keep you in control.

Improved Handling – Made up of soft rubber compound and rigid sidewalls, these tyres can easily cling on the road surface even when the tyre’s heat up at high driving speeds. This means sports cars, coupes, roadsters and sedans, can hug tight curves and provide an enhanced driving experience. 

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Heat Dispersion – Overheating is one common reason behind tyre failure, especially when the tyres start to wear. The premium material used to manufacture performance tyres are effectively heat-resistant; does not let the tyres overheat. This increases the lifespan of the tyres and improves safety. 

Responsiveness – Modern cars and road conditions demand a particular level of driving from all the drivers. And, the performance tyres allow your car to respond quickly, meaning it works better with today’s highly sensitive suspension, steering and ABS systems. 

Reduced Braking Distance – Larger contact patch and sticky rubber compound help the car to stop quickly without any jerk. This keeps the vehicle, passengers, and drivers safe from any dangerous situation. 

Maximum Grip & Traction –  Generally performance tyres are a bit wider than their other counterparts, helping them to provide a greater contact area to hold the ground. This improves the grip and traction levels of the tyres on both dry and wet road surfaces. 

These tyres are carefully designed to provide both beneficial characteristics and outstanding performance. These characteristics help offer greater stability, grip and handling when driving, making your vehicle easier to handle. And the features listed below will enhance the performance of the tyre even further.

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Are Performance Tyres Really Required? 

If you are someone who usually drives on dry and paved road surfaces then performance tyres can certainly benefit you. As mentioned earlier, the grip and traction levels of these tyres cannot be matched with regular tyres. They offer a light, highly controlled ride which makes turning and stopping easier. 

At our facility, we stock superior quality tyres Fareham from a range of recognized brands like Michelin, Bridgestone, Continental, etc. You can simply come down to our garage or browse through our website to shop from our exclusive series of high-performance tyres. 

Performance Tyres are designed for use on high performance and luxury sedans, coupes and sports cars. With some of the top tier features like a unique tread pattern design, continuous center rib for self-cleaning capabilities and long, even tread wear—these tyres are designed to impress. Rigorously tested and developed to suit Australian conditions, the tyres also feature low levels of noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) which reduces driver fatigue.

Performance Tyres are made of a special compound of silica and natural and synthetic rubber, which, when combined with the nylon reinforcement cords, ensures extremely good traction both on wet and dry road surfaces. In addition to good traction, the tyres have a smooth ride, good self-cleaning properties as well as reduced braking distances.

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Performance tyres are constructed using a way of improving handling and traction on wet roads. The grooved tread design channels water out from in between the tread blocks, and away from the contact patch where it might accumulate and reduce grip.

For more than 90 years Goodyear has been at the forefront of tire innovation. Our world-class scientists and engineers continue to push the boundaries of capability, providing you with a wide variety of dependable performance tires that are made to perform. Goodrich Dunlop Tires Performance Tire Warranty 100,000 miles/150,000 kilometres

Performance tyres for trucks, buses and utility vehicles. The tyre has an improved tread pattern that provides better braking and traction, as well as enhanced ride comfort.

Tired of getting stuck? Ready to buy a tyre that offers better performance than those boring, everyday tyres? Our Performance Tyres feature a unique tread pattern that provides excellent steering control and increased grip on various terrains.

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