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Hey! Here is an entrancing topic that elaborates on-demand dog walking app development. There is an increasing love among people to adopt pets like dogs, cats, etc. But people don’t find leisure time to take their pets out for a walk. Like how technology helps us in acquiring different on-demand services, dog walking services have also become popular in these times.

As per the statistical report of the American Pet Production Association, Americans spend 42.19 billion on pet care services like grooming. In addition, they spend $23.4 billion on food for their pets. Overall, in the US, around 63.4 million households have pet dogs. This number will see an upsurge in the upcoming years.

We will get down to know the dog walking app development, which includes features of the app, monetization sources, and a brief working model.

What is the actual purpose of on-demand dog walking apps?

dog walking app concept

Like how we book different on-demand services and get them at our front door, the dog walking app is dedicated to taking care of pet dogs. Dog owners can book any trained dog walker from the app and the dog walker will provide the required services like training, grooming, and taking them for a walk.

Some of the popular dog walking apps 

  • Wag walker 
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Wag walker was launched in the year 2014 for providing on-demand services for pet dogs. The trained professionals on wag walker called walkers will indulge in activities like training, grooming, and providing healthcare services. In addition, Wag provides 24×7 customer service, employs vetted professionals, and also provides insurance.

  • Rover 

Rover is another popular pet sitting service provider app that was launched in the year 2011. Pet owners can book sitters through the app and make the payment. Users can either leave their pets at the sitter’s home or they can request the sitter to visit to come to their place and take care of the pets. Rover employs sitters after performing a complete background check.

  •   BarkleyPets

Barkley is a dedicated platform that connects local pet care sitters with pet owners. Launched in the year 2011, Barkley is a commission-free app where the sitters can enjoy their earnings to the fullest. Through this app, pet owners can even schedule the time so that the sitter will arrive at the location at the given time.

 Dog walking app – The workflow

  • Registration 

Pet owners and local sitters who are interested in joining your dog walking app will give their personal details and the admin will verify them and give them access to the app.

  • Booking
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After the registration step, users and sitters will create their profiles. Post this step, pet owners will look for local sitters and book the ones who are available. While booking sitters, owners can use the schedule feature, which lets them mention the date of availing of this service. In simple words, owners can book the sitters in advance and the sitter will take care of pets on the mentioned date.A detailed guide on on-demand dog walking app development with features

  • Tracking

Once the sitter starts taking care of the pets, owners can track the location. For example, if the sitter or the dog walker takes the dog for a walk, then the owner can track the place of the dog instantly and get accurate information.

  • Payment

For availing of the dog walking services, owners will make the payment either before or after the completion of the service. If you add any subscription plan in your business, then owners will find it easy to make the payments in advance and then avail of the services at any time. 

Now, we are about to enter the interesting part of this topic that describes the dog walking app’s features. 

What are the essential features of a dog walking app?

woman with dog walking

Similar to any on-demand services app, the dog walking app has a list of features. Let us discuss the staple features of a dog walking app in detail.

  • Registration and login
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Owners who want to avail themselves of the dog walking services will register and use the credentials for logging in. In the same manner, the dog walkers will provide their details like name, years of experience in dog walking, email address, and mobile number.

  • Live tracker

Once the dog walker takes the dog for a short or long distance walk, owners can just relax and track the dog’s location from their place. GPS technology is implemented to track the location of the dog precisely.

  • Schedule the booking

As mentioned previously, booking the dog walkers can be made in advance. Owners can choose a slot, which includes date/timings, and then book a dog walker. 

  • Push notifications

From letting owners know the status of booking to the payment verification to the location of the dog, everything will be updated through the app’s push notifications.

  • Geolocation

To find dog walkers or sitters in the neighborhood, owners can make use of the in-built geolocation feature and avail themselves of the needful.

  • In-app chat

The in-app chat feature is a non-skippable one. Owners can directly communicate with the dog walkers to clarify any queries they have or simply, update the activities or location of the dog.

  • Analytics dashboard

The app’s real-time analytics dashboard is imperative for analyzing the performance of your app and also the activities of owners and dog walkers. From the output, you get from the analytics report, you can take several business decisions.

The features listed here are generic features of a dog walking app. You can add advanced features to the app like live streaming, and chatbot for customer support. If you look at the purpose of the live streaming option, the app will let owners watch the dog’s activities in real-time when they are taken out for a walk by the dog walker.

Nowadays app development are offering white-label app solutions that features services like on-demand dog walking, ride-hailing, food delivery etc. Entrepreneurs can instantly launch a on-demand multi services app with white-label Gojek clone app solutions.

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Final thoughts

In this generation of increasing pet lovers and the hectic schedules of pet owners, on-demand dog walking services are highly beneficial. Create an on-demand dog walking app with advanced features like a chatbot, live streaming, real-time analytics, etc that will draw pet owners to your app. 

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