My India is Great: Complete Information

My India is Great: Complete Information
My India is Great: Complete Information

Our beloved country India is a great and beautiful country with very ancient culture. This is such a holy and glorious country where even the gods yearn to take birth. We consider this country of ours to be more than heaven. Kavivar Prasad has praised this country in these words-

“Arun, this middle country is ours.

Where the ignorant educated got a support.

India is the head of the world, whose history is proud. The most unique from a natural point of view. Nature has decorated it with her own hands. The six seasons come in turn and adorn it. On three sides the sea and the Himalayas are adorned like its crown. Rivers irrigate it by continuously flowing like its love flow. Due to these characteristics, the German scholar Max Müller has said-

If we search the whole world to find a country that nature has made all-encompassing and beautiful, I will point to India.

My country India is the playground of culture. From this country the rays of knowledge were spread all over the world. This is the country which gave the knowledge of Vedas, Puranas, Upanishads and Gita to the world. It is because of knowledge that India is called Jagadguru.

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Our country India is a country with geographical diversities. Here there is greenery on one side and forest on the other, snow-clad mountain peaks on one side and sweltering desert on the other. There are so many variations in this country in terms of natural texture, climate, food, dress and culture.

Our beloved country India is a unique example of unity in diversity. Temples and mosques, gurudwaras and churches are seen in this country. Many languages ​​and many religions are flourishing on this earth. All cultures are given the opportunity to flourish.

India is a secular state

that is, the government here does not interfere in the religious matters of the people. People who follow Hindu-Sikh, Christian and Islam religions live here. They have complete freedom to follow their own system of worship and social order. The land of India has given the world the principle of universal brotherhood and Panchsheel, given the inspiration of human values ​​like truth, non-violence, sacrifice, kindness etc.

This country is the most beautiful country from the natural point of view, and sometimes it is also called the golden bird from the point of view of wealth and splendor. Due to its abundant wealth, many invaders repeatedly looted and tried to destroy its cultures. But its culture could not be destroyed and is still alive while other ancient cultures of the world do not even have a trace.

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Our country is the land of many great men. There were great men like Gautam, Mahavir, Vivekananda on this earth, on this earth a man like Mahatma Gandhi arrived. Poets like Tulsi, Kabir, Kalidas, Rabindranath Tagore, story writers like Premchand were born on this land. Mathematicians and scientists like the great Ramanujam, Aryabhata incarnated on this land.

All the countrymen are working shoulder to shoulder to take India to the pinnacle of progress. Our country is currently facing many problems and is currently in the category of developing countries. But the time is not far when our country of India will become the head of the world in terms of science, technology, industrial, economic and social. The duty of every Indian is-

‘Live forever for this’

be proud somewhere

let us give up everything

Our beloved India year.’



King of Mountains : Himalayas

‘My ninjapati my giant

real divine glory Virat

captive flames of virility

my mother’s ice cream

My India’s Divine Bear

My nagarpati my giant.’

In the above lines, Rashtrakavi Dinkar ji has worshiped the Himalayas. The Himalayas are the pride of India. India is the playground of the river nature and the mountain-king God Himalaya is the whole form of the same brilliance of nature. Himalaya is the capital of India’s pride and virility, the land of God is the search of the sands. He is the creator of history, is the backbone of Indian culture and is a symbol of India’s virtuous feelings and reverence.

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Himalayan mountain

The Himalayan mountain is adorned like a crown on the head of the land of India. Poets have addressed it as a silent ascetic and an elevated peak, a symbol of highness. Invoking the seas of the east and the west, the Himalayas are situated in the north direction, like the standard of the earth.

The length of the Himalayas is five thousand miles and the width is about five hundred miles. Its ranges extend from Kashmir in the north to Asat in the west like the half moon line.

The highest peak of the Himalayas is Gaurishankar, also known as Everest. The Himalayas, the frontier sentinel of India, protect us from the devastating gusts of icy wind coming from Central Asia and Tibet and also provide rain to the land of India by blocking the monsoon rising from the South-West Sea. Many virtuous Salila rivers emanating from it keep the land of India as a crop.

Even if the idea of ​​not having the Himalayas was for the people of India

then probably the land of India would not have existed, and even if it had existed, then in the absence of a watchdog like the Himalayas, centuries ago, this land was plundered and scratched by the foreign invaders. He would have trampled under his feet.

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If there were no Himalayas, there would be no rivers that keep our fields green by irrigating our fields with their nectar water. Trees and plants that grew automatically around him would not have been able to even forest vegetation.

Then neither it would be possible to protect the environment nor pollution could be avoided. We do not get fruits, flowers, different types of plants, medicines etc. Everything remained deserted and barren. It is quite possible that then only signs of life would have been visible on this land. Keep reading

Devadhidev Shiva and innumerable other gods and goddesses

If the Himalayas were not there, then there would not have been even the holy, holy, holy rivers, the symbols of our religious spiritual beliefs like Ganga-Yamuna.

Then neither the peaks of our beliefs could be raised nor the birth of various types of myths is possible. Not only this, the stories of Devadhidev Shiva and innumerable other gods and goddesses would not have even been born.

If there were no Himalayas, there would be no rivers like Ganga-Yamuna. In the absence of them, the pilgrimage centers, small, big cities, symbols of our civilizational culture, temples and pagodas and other types of monuments would never have been built.

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The Indian culture-civilization, which was just developing on the banks of these holy rivers, would not have even been born till then.

If the Himalayas were not there,

then from where could we have come from the immortal and renewable corpus of knowledge and science that we have got from constant penance and relentless perseverance? Herbs, flowers, leaves and many types of wild-looking fruits found in the valleys of the Himalayas have provided medicine and medical science to the world.

In the absence of Himalayas, all this humanity could not get at all. Then humanity would have been sick and unhealthy and would have accepted its own death in an untimely time. This Himalaya has also given us many species and species of animals and birds that their existence is absolutely necessary from the point of view of protection of the environment. Keep reading

Not only this, the greatness and vastness of knowledge practice that Himalayas have given to humanity, the imagination of depth and strong stability, the inspiration and imagination that it has given to rise up can never be found. Then man would have remained a mere and utter dwarf in his existence and personality. The seasons and their changing forms are also actually considered to be a gift of the Himalayas.

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If there was no Giriraj Himalaya, the crown of India, then as scientists believe and say, then in its place there would have been a thumping, unfathomable deep and wide-spreading sea, if the Indian land which is today would get the saline of the sea from three sides.

If it is falling from, then there would have been water in its fourth direction also. Then the country of India would have remained as a vast sea island.

In the Vedas, in the Upanishads, in the Puranas, there is a detailed description of the Himalayas in the epics. Himalaya is indeed a boon for India which is Ratnarbha. Sadhu is the place of worship of saints,

it is the shelter of many rare animals and birds, it is a place of pilgrimage, it is the land of nature, it is the ocean of beauty. Nandan is the forest, and is the land of ascetics. Quote it: Thank you.

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