1 Yaakov One who supplants Christian
2 Yadid Friend, beloved Christian
3 Yadon He will judge Christian
4 Yagil Celebrate Christian
5 Yahveh existingone Christian
6 Yakir Precious ; dear Christian
7 Yakov The supplanter Christian
8 Yale Old Christian
9 Yan God’s grace yanis – god’s gift Christian
10 Yancey Englishman, Yankee Christian
11 Yancy Englishman, Christian
12 Yaphet Handsome Christian
13 Yardley Enclosed meadow Christian
14 Yarin To understand Christian
15 Yaron Singing Christian
16 Yarwood handsomelord Christian
17 Yates Gates Christian
18 Yehowah existingone Christian
19 Yehuda Praise ; thanks Christian
20 Yehudah Exalt Christian
21 Yitro Plenty Christian
22 Yoel The lord is god Christian
23 Yonah From the name jonah Christian
24 Yorath handsomelord Christian
25 Yorick Earth worker Christian
26 York Boar estate; yew-tree estate Christian
27 Yosef Form of joseph Christian
28 Youkahainen great, large Christian
29 Yousef He will enlarge Christian
30 Yule Born at christmas Christian
31 Yussuf A prophet’s name(joseph) Christian
32 Yuval Brook Christian
33 Yvette yewtree Christian
34 Yvonne yewtree Christian


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