1 Wadee To cross the river ford Christian
2 Wael A form of wales Christian
3 Wain A form of wayne Christian
4 Wainamoinen wideandslow-flowingriver Christian
5 Waite Watchman Christian
6 Wake Awake, alert Christian
7 Wakely Wet meadow Christian
8 Walby House near a wall Christian
9 Walden Wooded valley Christian
10 Waldron Ruler Christian
11 Wales From wales Christian
12 Wallace foreigner, stranger, Christian
13 Wally A familiar form of walter Christian
14 Walsh A form of wallace Christian
15 Walt A short form of walter Christian
16 Walton Walled town Christian
17 Walwyn Welsh friend Christian
18 Warden Valley guardian Christian
19 Wardley Watchman’s meadow Christian
20 Ware Wary, cautions Christian
21 Warick Town hero Christian
22 Warley Meadow near the weir or fish trap Christian
23 Warner Warinwarrior, Christian
24 Warton Town near the weir or fish trap Christian
25 Warwick dam Christian
26 Wat ruler of the army Christian
27 Watkin ruler of the army Christian
28 Watkins Son of walter Christian
29 Watson Son of walter Christian
30 Wayde A form of wade Christian
31 Waylon Land by the road Christian
32 Wayne Wagon maker Christian
33 Waynne One who builds wagons Christian
34 Webb Weaver Christian
35 Webley Weaver’s meadow Christian
36 Weldon spring, stream Christian
37 Welsh A form of wallance, walsh Christian
38 Wendel One who travels ; a wanderer Christian
39 Wensley Clearing in a meadow Christian
40 Werner A form of warner Christian
41 Wesley Western meadow Christian
42 Wesly A form of wesley Christian
43 Wessley From the western meadow Christian
44 Westin A form of weston Christian
45 Westley A form of wesley Christian
46 Weylin A form of waylon Christian
47 Whit A short form of whitman Christian
48 Whitey White skinned; white haired Christian
49 Wickham Village meadow Christian
50 Wil will Christian
51 Wilbur Wall fortification; bright willows Christian
52 Wilburn well, spring Christian
53 Wiley Willow meadow Christian
54 Wilf desirespeace Christian
55 Wilford ford, Christian
56 Wilfreda desirespeace Christian
57 Wilfredo Resolute protector and peacemaker Christian
58 Wilfrid desirespeace Christian
59 Wilkie A familiar form of wilkins Christian
60 Wilkins William’s kin Christian
61 Wilkinson Son of little william Christian
62 Will will-helmet Christian
63 Willem Will Christian
64 Willfred Resolute protector and peacemaker Christian
65 Willfredo Resolute protector and peacemaker Christian
66 William A form of wilhelm Christian
67 Willis sonofWILL Christian
68 Willoughby willow Christian
69 Wills Son of will Christian
70 Willson Son of will Christian
71 Willy will-helmet Christian
72 Wilma will-helmet Christian
73 Wilmot will-helmet Christian
74 Wilson Son of will Christian
75 Wilton Farm by the spring Christian
76 Winchell Bend in the road Christian
77 Windell Windy valley Christian
78 Windsor Riverbank with a winch Christian
79 Winfred A form of winfried Christian
80 Winfrid friend of peace Christian
81 Winn Of the joy stone ; from the friendly town Christian
82 Winslow barrow, mound, hill, Christian
83 Winston Friendly town Christian
84 Winthrop settlement, village, Christian
85 Wisdom wisdom Christian
86 Wolf wolf Christian
87 Wolfe wolf Christian
88 Woodrow wood Christian
89 Woody lives in arow of houses by the wood Christian
90 Wren wren Christian
91 Wright craftsman Christian
92 Wrisley A form of risley Christian
93 Wriston A form of riston Christian
94 Wyatt hardywarrior Christian
95 Wybert Battle bright Christian
96 Wylie Charming Christian
97 Wymer Famous in battle Christian
98 Wymond fight-protection Christian
99 Wyn Friend Christian
100 Wynn friend Christian
101 Wynton Winston Christian
102 Wystan battle-stone Christian
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