1 Taariq Resembling the morning star Christian
2 Taavon Of the staff of the gods Christian
3 Tabner Drummer Christian
4 Tad Poet Christian
5 Tadd Courageous Christian
6 Tadleigh Poet from a meadow Christian
7 Taegan littlepoet Christian
8 Taffy beloved Christian
9 Taft River Christian
10 Tahath delay Christian
11 Talbot messenger of destruction Christian
12 Talen A form of talon Christian
13 Tallon A form of talon Christian
14 Talmai aboundinginfurrows Christian
15 Talon Claw, nail Christian
16 Tandie Team Christian
17 Taner A form of tanner Christian
18 Tannin Tan colored; dark Christian
19 Tanny A familiar form of tanner Christian
20 Tarrik One who crosses the river of life Christian
21 Tarver Tower; hill; leader Christian
22 Taskill divine kettle Christian
23 Tavarris Of misfortune ; a hermit Christian
24 Tavian Eighth Christian
25 Tavonn Of the staff of the gods Christian
26 Teagan poet Christian
27 Teague poet Christian
28 Teale Small freshwater duck Christian
29 Ted A short form of theodore Christian
30 Tedd A gift from god Christian
31 Teddy A familiar form of theodore Christian
32 Teige poet Christian
33 Teigue poet Christian
34 Teller Storyteller Christian
35 Telmo Tiller, cultivator Christian
36 Teman ontheright, south Christian
37 Tennant Tenant, renter Christian
38 Tenney littlefollowerof Dionysos Christian
39 Tennyson A form of dennison Christian
40 Teo A form of tom Christian
41 Terance rub, turn, twist Christian
42 Terrence instigator Christian
43 Terry A familiar form of terrence Christian
44 Tetley Tate’s meadow Christian
45 Tex fromTexas Christian
46 Thad courageous, large-hearted Christian
47 Thadeus courageous, large-hearted Christian
48 Thady poet Christian
49 Thane thane, Christian
50 Thaw Melting ice Christian
51 Thel Upper story Christian
52 Theo A short form of theodore Christian
53 Theobald people-bold Christian
54 Therron A great hunter Christian
55 Thom A short form of thomas Christian
56 Thomas Twin Christian
57 Thomass One of twins Christian
58 Thommas One of twins Christian
59 Thompson Son of thomas Christian
60 Thorley Thor’s meadow Christian
61 Thormond Thor’s protection Christian
62 Thorne A short form of names beginning with thor Christian
63 Thornley Thorny meadow Christian
64 Thornton thornbush Christian
65 Thutmose born of Thoth Christian
66 Tiago Saint james Christian
67 Tiarnach lord Christian
68 Tiarnan littlelord Christian
69 Tiberius oftheTiber(river) Christian
70 Tiernan littlelord Christian
71 Tierney lord Christian
72 Tige A short form of tiger Christian
73 Tighe A short form of tiger Christian
74 Tim tohonorGod Christian
75 Timm One who honors god Christian
76 Timmothy One who honors god Christian
77 Timmy tohonorGod Christian
78 Timo tohonorGod Christian
79 Timothhy One who honors god Christian
80 Timothy tohonorGod Christian
81 Timothyy One who honors god Christian
82 Tiras desire Christian
83 Toal ruler of the people Christian
84 Tobby The lord is good Christian
85 Tobias God is good Christian
86 Tobin God is good Christian
87 Toby God is good Christian
88 Tod A form of todd Christian
89 Todd Fox. Christian
90 Toft Small farm Christian
91 Tolbert destroy Christian
92 Toller Tax collector Christian
93 Tom A short form of thomas, tomas Christian
94 Tomm One of twins Christian
95 Tommi twin Christian
96 Tommie twin Christian
97 Tommy twin Christian
98 Toms Twin Christian
99 Tone invaluable Christian
100 Toney A form of tony Christian
101 Toni A form of tony Christian
102 Tonny A form of tony Christian
103 Tony A short form of anthony Christian
104 Torey A familiar form of torrence Christian
105 Torr Tower Christian
106 Torrey A familiar form of torr Christian
107 Torry A familiar form of torr Christian
108 Tory A familiar form of torr Christian
109 Trader A form of well-trodden path Christian
110 Trae A form of trey Christian
111 Trafford fish-trap Christian
112 Traherne veryiron-like Christian
113 Trai A form of trey Christian
114 Tranter peddler, hawker, Christian
115 Travers tocross, Christian
116 Traviss To cross over Christian
117 Travonn Fair town Christian
118 Tray A form of trey Christian
119 Trayton Town full of trees Christian
120 Trea A form of trey Christian
121 Trent livesontheriver-bank Christian
122 Trev largesettlement Christian
123 Trevin From the fair town Christian
124 Trevion Fair town Christian
125 Trevonn Fair town Christian
126 Trevor largesettlement Christian
127 Trevvor From the large village Christian
128 Trey Three; third Christian
129 Treyton The third- born child Christian
130 Tri A form of trey Christian
131 Tripp A traveler Christian
132 Tristen riot, tumult Christian
133 Tristin riot, tumult Christian
134 Triston riot, tumult Christian
135 Trot Trickling stream Christian
136 Troy from Troyes Christian
137 Truman true, trustworthy Christian
138 Tuan Intelligent Christian
139 Tubal thoushallbebrought Christian
140 Tucker clothfuller Christian
141 Tucson blackbase Christian
142 Tudor first of the people king of nations Christian
143 Turlough instigator Christian
144 Twain Divided in two Christian
145 Ty A short form of tyler Christian
146 Tycho Hitting the mark Christian
147 Tychon Hitting the mark Christian
148 Tye A short form of taylor Christian
149 Tyee From the fenced-in pasture Christian
150 Tylar A form of tyler Christian
151 Tylor A form of tyler Christian
152 Tyquann Vivin Christian
153 Tyrel Thunder ruler Christian
154 Tyron landof Owen Christian
155 Tyronn From owen Christian
156 Tyronne From owen Christian
157 Tyrrel Thunder ruler Christian
158 Tyrrell Thunder ruler Christian
159 Tyson heardofGod, Christian
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