1 Saam God has heard Christian
2 Saamir Entertaining companion Christian
3 Sabastian The revered one Christian
4 Sachie roe-buckleap Christian
5 Sachiel Angel of water Christian
6 Safford Willow river crossing Christian
7 Sage Wise Christian
8 Sagiv Mighty, with strength Christian
9 Saladin righteousfaith Christian
10 Salathiel borrowed from God Christian
11 Salim Safe, whole, flawless Christian
12 Salmon shady Christian
13 Saloman Peaceful Christian
14 Salton Manor town; willow town Christian
15 Sam To hear Christian
16 Samiir Entertaining companion Christian
17 Sammuel God has heard Christian
18 Sampson Child of the sun samuel – his name is god Christian
19 Samson As bright as the sun ; in the bible , a man with extraordinary strength Christian
20 Samuel His name is god Christian
21 Samuell God has heard Christian
22 Sanborn Sandy brook Christian
23 Sander A short form of alexander Christian
24 Sanders Son of sander Christian
25 Sandford sand ford Christian
26 Sanford sand Christian
27 Santino Sacred Christian
28 Savio Saint’s name Christian
29 Sawyer Wood worker Christian
30 Sax A short form of saxon Christian
31 Saxon Swordsman Christian
32 Scot A form of scott Christian
33 Scott From scotland Christian
34 Scottie A familiar form of scott Christian
35 Scotty A familiar form of scott Christian
36 Sean God is gracious Christian
37 Searle Armor Christian
38 Sebastiaan The revered one Christian
39 Sebastian fromSebaste, Christian
40 Sedgely Sword meadow Christian
41 Seeley Blessed Christian
42 Seff A wolf Christian
43 Sefton rush Christian
44 Seger Sea spear; sea warrior Christian
45 Seibert Bright sea Christian
46 Seir hairy, rough Christian
47 Selby Village by the manison Christian
48 Selwyn Friend from the palace Christian
49 Servan Service of god Christian
50 Seth Appointed Christian
51 Severn Boundary Christian
52 Seward Sea guardian Christian
53 Sewell Sea wall Christian
54 Shaad Under the command of the moon god aku Christian
55 Shad Commanded by aku Christian
56 Shadd Under the command of the moon god aku Christian
57 Shade Shade Christian
58 Shamer amessage, tidings Christian
59 Shamir Precious stone shlomo – peaceful Christian
60 Shamus Supplanter Christian
61 Shane God is gracious Christian
62 Shaquille handsome Christian
63 Shaunn God is gracious ; in the bible , one of the apostles Christian
64 Shaw Grove Christian
65 Sheffield Crooked field Christian
66 Shel A short form of shelby, sheldon Christian
67 Sherill Shire on a hill Christian
68 Sherlock Light haired Christian
69 Sherman Sheep shearer Christian
70 Sherwin Swift runner, one who cuts the wind Christian
71 Shiloh Peaceful, tranquil Christian
72 Shimea famous, renowned Christian
73 Shimhi famous, renowned Christian
74 Shimi famous, renowned Christian
75 Shipley Sheep meadow Christian
76 Sholto sowing, Christian
77 Shulamith Peaceful Christian
78 Sib bold victory Christian
79 Siddel Wide valley Christian
80 Silas Of the forest Christian
81 Sim Listening Christian
82 Simeon hearkening Christian
83 Simmon God has heard Christian
84 Simon Listening Christian
85 Sincere Sincere Christian
86 Sinjon Saint, holy man Christian
87 Sivan The ninth month Christian
88 Sixte Sixth Christian
89 Skidbladnir wood leaf Christian
90 Slade A short form of sladen Christian
91 Sly fromtheforest Christian
92 Smedley Flat meadow Christian
93 Smit Smile Christian
94 Smith Smile Christian
95 Sodi anacquaintance of God Christian
96 Sol peaceable Christian
97 Solly peaceable Christian
98 Solomon Peace Christian
99 Son Son, boy Christian
100 Sonnie youngster Christian
101 Sonny A familiar form of grayson Christian
102 Sorren Stern or strict Christian
103 Spark Happy Christian
104 Spear Spear carrier Christian
105 Speedy Quick; successful Christian
106 Spence A short form of spencer Christian
107 Spencer Dispenser of provisions Christian
108 Spike Ear of grain; long nail Christian
109 St Crown Christian
110 Stafford landingplace Christian
111 Stan A short form of stanley Christian
112 Standish careful, thoughtful Christian
113 Stanford stone Christian
114 Stanley Stony meadow Christian
115 Stavya Lord vishnu Christian
116 Ste crown Christian
117 Steeve Crowned with garland Christian
118 Steeven Crowned with garland Christian
119 Stefano Crown Christian
120 Steffan Crowned with garland Christian
121 Steffano Crowned with garland Christian
122 Steph A short form of stephen Christian
123 Stephanas crown Christian
124 Stephen Protected Christian
125 Stephenson Son of stephen Christian
126 Sterlin A form of sterling Christian
127 Sterling littlestar Christian
128 Sterne Austere Christian
129 Stetson Son of stephen Christian
130 Steve crown Christian
131 Steven crown Christian
132 Stevenn Crowned with garland Christian
133 Stevens Son of steven Christian
134 Stevie A familiar form of stephen Christian
135 Stew steward Christian
136 Stewart A form of stuart Christian
137 Stirling littlestar Christian
138 Stoker Furnace tender Christian
139 Stone Stone Christian
140 Stoney A form of stone Christian
141 Storm Tempest, storm Christian
142 Stover Stove tender Christian
143 Stowe Hidden; packed away Christian
144 Stu A short form of stewart, stuart Christian
145 Stuart Signifying caretaker or steward Christian
146 Suffield Southern field Christian
147 Sugden Valley of sows Christian
148 Sully South meadow Christian
149 Sumeet A form of summit Christian
150 Sutton Southern town Christian
151 Swain Herdsman; knight’s attendant Christian
152 Swaley Winding stream Christian
153 Swannee Swan Christian
154 Sweeney well-going Christian
155 Swindel Valley of the swine Christian
156 Swinford Swine’s crossing Christian
157 Swithbert Strong and bright Christian
158 Swithin strong Christian
159 Swithun strong Christian
160 Sylvester fromtheforest Christian
161 Syon Gentle Christian
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