1 Pace A form of pascal Christian
2 Pacey A form of pace Christian
3 Paddy patrician of noble birth Christian
4 Paden A form of patton Christian
5 Palmer Palm-bearing pilgrim Christian
6 Palti My escape Christian
7 Pancras allpower Christian
8 Parish A form of parrish Christian
9 Parker Park keeper Christian
10 Parkin Little peter Christian
11 Pat A short form of patrick Christian
12 Patrick Nobleman paul – small Christian
13 Patton Warrior’s town Christian
14 Pattrick A noble- man ; patrician Christian
15 Paul Small; humble Christian
16 Paula small Christian
17 Paulie small Christian
18 Paulina small Christian
19 Paull A small or humble man Christian
20 Pavel Small ; humble Christian
21 Payden A form of payton Christian
22 Payton A form of patton Christian
23 Pearce A form of pierce Christian
24 Peers A form of peter Christian
25 Peirce A form of peter Christian
26 Pelham Tannery town Christian
27 Pell Parchment Christian
28 Pelton Town by a pool Christian
29 Pendle Hill Christian
30 Penley Enclosed meadow Christian
31 Perce pierce dvalley Christian
32 Percival pierce dvalley Christian
33 Percy soldier Christian
34 Peregrine wanderer Christian
35 Perkin Little peter Christian
36 Perry A familiar form of peregrine Christian
37 Pete A short form of peter Christian
38 Peter Stone Christian
39 Peterkin rock, stone Christian
40 Peterson Son of peter Christian
41 Petey Stone Christian
42 Peton A form of patton Christian
43 Petros Stone Christian
44 Petter As solid and strong as a rock Christian
45 Peyton A form of patton Christian
46 Pharaoh hisnak edness Christian
47 Phelan little wolf Christian
48 Phelim hospitable Christian
49 Phelps Son of phillip Christian
50 Phil Only friend Christian
51 Philip Lover of horses Christian
52 Philipe lover of horses Christian
53 Philipp One who loves horses Christian
54 Phill One who loves horses Christian
55 Phillip lover of horses Christian
56 Phillipp One who loves horses Christian
57 Philo tolove Christian
58 Philomena Beloved Christian
59 Phineas A form of pinchas Christian
60 Phinehas the Nubian Christian
61 Picton Town on the hill’s peak Christian
62 Pierce A form of peter Christian
63 Pierre rock, stone Christian
64 Piers A form of peter Christian
65 Pierson Son of peter Christian
66 Pip lover of horses Christian
67 Pippin seed of a fruit Christian
68 Pitney Island of the strong-willed man Christian
69 Pitt Pit, ditch Christian
70 Pius Pious Christian
71 Pollock A form of pollux Christian
72 Pompey display, solemnprocession Christian
73 Porter door keeper Christian
74 Powell Alert Christian
75 Premislas cunning Christian
76 Premyslas cunning Christian
77 Prentice Apprentice Christian
78 Preston Priest’s estate Christian
79 Price price Christian
80 Priest Holy man Christian
81 Prince chief, first Christian
82 Princeton Princely town Christian
83 Prosper fortunate, successful Christian
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