1 Oachim God will establish Christian
2 Oakley Oak-tree field Christian
3 Obadiah Servant of god Christian
4 Obed A short form of obadiah Christian
5 Oberon elfruler Christian
6 Octavian Eighth Christian
7 Oded Strong omar – first son, disciple Christian
8 Odell woad(aplantyieldingbluedye) Christian
9 Odran littles allowone Christian
10 Ofer gold Christian
11 Ogden Oak valley. Christian
12 Olaf The remaining of the ancestors Christian
13 Ole Ancestor Christian
14 Oli elfarmy Christian
15 Olin Holly Christian
16 Ollie A familiar form of oliver Christian
17 Olliver Elf army Christian
18 Olsen Son of ole Christian
19 Olson Son of ole Christian
20 Omar Long life, first son, most high, the prophet’s follower Christian
21 Omarr Long life , first son , most high , the prophet’s follower Christian
22 Ommar Long life , first son , most high , the prophet’s follower Christian
23 On vigor Christian
24 Onam vigorous, strong Christian
25 Ophir Honest Christian
26 Oran Pale one; pine ornice – cedar tree Christian
27 Orian privilegedbirth Christian
28 Orlondo Famous country Christian
29 Ormerod clearing, Christian
30 Ormond Bear mountain; spear protector Christian
31 Orran The name of an english river Christian
32 Orrell ore Christian
33 Orren From the pine tree / a pale-skinned man Christian
34 Orrick Old oak tree Christian
35 Orrin River Christian
36 Orson bear, Christian
37 Orton Shore town Christian
38 Orval A form of orville Christian
39 Orville goldencity Christian
40 Orvin Spear friend Christian
41 Osaze Favoured by god Christian
42 Osbaldo Uncertain Christian
43 Osbert Divine; bright Christian
44 Osborn Warrior of god Christian
45 Osborne Soldier of god Christian
46 Osbourne divine-bear Christian
47 Oscar god-spear Christian
48 Osman divine protection Christian
49 Osmar Divine; wonderful Christian
50 Osmond Divine protector. Christian
51 Osric Divine ruler Christian
52 Oswald God’s power; god’s crest Christian
53 Oswaldo Uncertain Christian
54 Oswin Divine friend. Christian
55 Othello young bull Christian
56 Othniel lion of God Christian
57 Owen bornofyew Christian
58 Owenn A well- born man Christian
59 Oxley Ox meadow Christian
60 Oxton Ox town Christian
61 Oz Strength Christian
62 Ozzie A familiar form of osborn Christian
63 Ozzy A familiar form of osborn Christian
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