1 Maalik Master , angel , king Christian
2 Maanav Man Christian
3 Mack sonof, Christian
4 Madai middle Christian
5 Maddox little for tunate one Christian
6 Mahali sick Christian
7 Mahli sick Christian
8 Mahon bearcalf Christian
9 Maitland bad tempered Christian
10 Major angel, messenger Christian
11 Malachi My messenger Christian
12 Malachy my messenger Christian
13 Malakii A messenger of god Christian
14 Malcom Follower of st. columbus Christian
15 Malden Meeting place in a pasture Christian
16 Maliik Master , angel , king Christian
17 Malikk Master , angel , king Christian
18 Mallaki A messenger of god Christian
19 Mallik Master , angel , king Christian
20 Malone devoteeofStJohn) Christian
21 Maloney Descendent of a servant of church Christian
22 Manasseh Christian
23 Manley Hero’s meadow Christian
24 Manning Son of the hero Christian
25 Mannix little monk Christian
26 Manny God is with us Christian
27 Mansel Manse; house occupied by a clergyman Christian
28 Manton Man’s town; hero’s town Christian
29 Manuel God is with us Christian
30 Marcelino From the god mars Christian
31 Marcellino The little warrior Christian
32 Marcellus Little marcus Christian
33 Marcelo Little marcus Christian
34 Marcus From the god mars Christian
35 Marcuss From the god mars Christian
36 Marden Valley with a pool Christian
37 Mariano From the god mars Christian
38 Mark From the god mars Christian
39 Markham Homestead on the boundary Christian
40 Markk From the god mars Christian
41 Markkus Of mars the roman fertility god mars for whom march was named Christian
42 Marko From the god mars Christian
43 Markus From the god mars Christian
44 Marley Lake meadow Christian
45 Marlin Deep-sea fish Christian
46 Marlo A form of marlow Christian
47 Marlon little one of the sea Christian
48 Marlow Hill by the lake Christian
49 Marlowe lake, pool Christian
50 Marquis governor of aborder country Christian
51 Marquise governor of aborder country Christian
52 Marquiss Nobleman Christian
53 Marrio A manly man Christian
54 Marrk From the god mars Christian
55 Marsden Marsh valley Christian
56 Marsh Swamp land Christian
57 Marshal keeper of horses Christian
58 Marston Town by the marsh Christian
59 Martel A form of martell Christian
60 Martell Hammerer Christian
61 Marv A short form of marvin Christian
62 Marvin Lover of the sea Christian
63 Marvyn marrow-eminent Christian
64 Mason mason, stone-worker Christian
65 Massey Twin Christian
66 Massimo The greatest Christian
67 Masson One who works with stone Christian
68 Masterman man o fthe master Christian
69 Mat gift of God Christian
70 Mateo Gift of god Christian
71 Mather Powerful army Christian
72 Matheus Gift of god Christian
73 Mathew Gift of god Christian
74 Mathhew Gift of god Christian
75 Mathias Gift of god Christian
76 Mathieu Gift of god Christian
77 Matias Gift of god Christian
78 Matt gift of God Christian
79 Matteo Gift of god Christian
80 Matthias Gift of god Christian
81 Matthieu Gift of god Christian
82 Mattias Gift of god Christian
83 Mattthew Gift of god Christian
84 Matty gift of God Christian
85 Maurice dark-skinned Moor Christian
86 Maverick unbrandedrangeanimal Christian
87 Max the great estrival Christian
88 Maximilian The greatest Christian
89 Maximillian The greatest Christian
90 Maxxim Maximum ; the greatest Christian
91 Maxximus Maximum ; the greatest Christian
92 Maxy A familiar form of max, maxwell Christian
93 Mayes Field Christian
94 Mayhew A form of matthew Christian
95 Maynard Powerful, brave. Christian
96 Maynerd strong and hardy Christian
97 Maynor A form of maynard Christian
98 Mayson stone-worker Christian
99 Mead Meadow Christian
100 Medad love Christian
101 Medric Flourishing meadow Christian
102 Mel A familiar form of melvin Christian
103 Melbourne mill Christian
104 Meldon Mill hill Christian
105 Meldrick Strong mill Christian
106 Melech king Christian
107 Melville bad settlement Christian
108 Melvin Mill friend; council friend Christian
109 Melvyn bad settlement Christian
110 Menachem One who provides comfort Christian
111 Menahem comforter Christian
112 Mendel Repairman Christian
113 Merari bitter, unhappy Christian
114 Mercer Storekeeper Christian
115 Merivale Pleasant valley Christian
116 Merlin Falcon. Christian
117 Merrick fame Christian
118 Merton lake, pool Christian
119 Merv marrow-eminent Christian
120 Mervin marrow-eminent Christian
121 Meshech todraw Christian
122 Micajah who is like God? Christian
123 Micchael Who is like god? Christian
124 Michaael Who is like god? Christian
125 Michaeel Who is like god? Christian
126 Michael Who is like god? Christian
127 Mick who is like God? Christian
128 Mickel A form of michael Christian
129 Micky who is like God? Christian
130 Miichael Who is like god? Christian
131 Mike who is like God? Christian
132 Mikee Nickname for michael Christian
133 Miki who is like God? Christian
134 Milburn Stream by the mill Christian
135 Miles son of Mile Christian
136 Milford mill Christian
137 Millan An eager and hardworking man Christian
138 Millard mill Christian
139 Miller Miller; grain grinder Christian
140 Mills Mills Christian
141 Milt A short form of milton Christian
142 Milton Mill town. Christian
143 Miner Miner Christian
144 Mishael Christian
145 Mitch Who is like god? Christian
146 Mitchel A form of mitchell Christian
147 Mitchell A form of michael Christian
148 Mith A short form of mitchell Christian
149 Moe A short form of moses Christian
150 Moisses A savior ; in the bible , the leader of the israelites ; drawn from the water Christian
151 Montague hill, mountain Christian
152 Monte pointed mountain Christian
153 Montee From gomeric Christian
154 Montel Little mountain Christian
155 Montell Talk show host ‘montel williams’ Christian
156 Montgomery hill Christian
157 Montmorency hill Christian
158 Monty A familiar form of montgomery Christian
159 Mordechai Warrior Christian
160 Morley Meadow by the moor Christian
161 Morris dark-skinned Moor Christian
162 Morse Son of maurice Christian
163 Mort settle ment on the moor, Christian
164 Morton Literally town near the moor. Christian
165 Morty settle ment on the moor, Christian
166 Mose drawn out Christian
167 Moss drawn out Christian
168 Mosses A savior ; in the bible , the leader of the israelites ; drawn from the water Christian
169 Murdanie seawarrior Christian
170 Murdie seawarrior Christian
171 Murdo seawarrior Christian
172 Murdoch seawarrior Christian
173 Murdy seawarrior Christian
174 Murray seawarrior Christian
175 Murty seawarrior Christian
176 Myer A form of meir Christian
177 Myles sonofMILE Christian
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