1 Kabos Swindler Christian
2 Kade round and lumpy Christian
3 Kaden little battle Christian
4 Kaine A spear Christian
5 Kala Art, also phase of moon Christian
6 Kaleb Whole-Hearted; Faithful; Dog (Jewish) Christian
7 Kaleeb A form of Kaleb; Whole-Hearted; Faithful; Dog (Jewish) Christian
8 Kalem Dove Christian
9 Kalleb Resembling a dog Christian
10 Kaltan A form of colton Christian
11 Kalum Dove Christian
12 Kalvin Bald Christian
13 Kam crooked nose Christian
14 Kameron crooked nose Christian
15 Kammeron Crooked nose Christian
16 Kane little battle Christian
17 Kaolin little slender one Christian
18 Karl Free man Christian
19 Karlton A form of carlton Christian
20 Karson A form of carson Christian
21 Kasper trea sure bearer Christian
22 Kay K Christian
23 Kean ancient, distant Christian
24 Keaton Where hawks fly Christian
25 Kedem Old, ancient Christian
26 Kedric A form of cedric Christian
27 Kedrick A form of cedric Christian
28 Keen A warrior / one who is sharp Christian
29 Keenan little ancien tone Christian
30 Keene Smart Christian
31 Keeon God’s gracious gift Christian
32 Keeshawn Filled wih happiness Christian
33 Keevan A beloved and handsome man Christian
34 Keevin A beloved and handsome man Christian
35 Keeyon Guiding leader Christian
36 Kegan tiny little fire Christian
37 Keifer Barrel maker Christian
38 Keiffer One who makes barrels Christian
39 Keilah Citadel Christian
40 Keir from the mars hland Christian
41 Keldon A form of kelton Christian
42 Kelsey ship-victory Christian
43 Kelson A form of kelton Christian
44 Kelton Keel town; port Christian
45 Kelvin From the river c Christian
46 Kelwin Friend from the ridge Christian
47 Kemp Fighter; champion Christian
48 Ken born of fire Christian
49 Kenaan Possession kenaz – bright Christian
50 Kenan Possession kenaz – bright Christian
51 Kenaz hunter Christian
52 Kendale A form of kendall Christian
53 Kendrell A form of kendall Christian
54 Kenelm keen protection Christian
55 Kenith born of fire Christian
56 Kenn Of the bright waters Christian
57 Kennard royal guard Christian
58 Kenndrick A royal ruler / the champion Christian
59 Kennedy ugly head Christian
60 Kenneth Royal oath Christian
61 Kennith comely finelymade Christian
62 Kenny comely finelymade Christian
63 Kenric A form of kenrick Christian
64 Kenrick Bold ruler; royal ruler Christian
65 Kentigern headlord Christian
66 Kenton Literally signifies from kent, england Christian
67 Kentrell King’s estate Christian
68 Kenward Brave; royal guardian Christian
69 Kermit with out envy Christian
70 Kerr from the marsh land Christian
71 Kerrick King’s rule Christian
72 Kervin A form of kerwin Christian
73 Kerwin Friend of the marshlands Christian
74 Keshaun God is gracious Christian
75 Keshawn God is gracious Christian
76 Kester A form of christopher Christian
77 Kestrel Falcon Christian
78 Kevan little comely one Christian
79 Kevin little comely one Christian
80 Kevinn A beloved and handsome man Christian
81 Kevyn little comely one Christian
82 Key Key; protected Christian
83 Keyonn Guiding leader Christian
84 Khaalid Eternal Christian
85 Khalill Beautiful , good friend Christian
86 Khallid Eternal Christian
87 Khallil Beautiful , good friend Christian
88 Kiaan Archaic Christian
89 Kian ancient, distant Christian
90 Kiaran little black one Christian
91 Kidd Child; young goat Christian
92 Kiefer One who makes barrels Christian
93 Kieffer One who makes barrels Christian
94 Kieron Little dark one Christian
95 Kierron Skinned Christian
96 Kiing An attendant of the Christian
97 Kimball Warrior chief Christian
98 Kimbel royal courage Christian
99 Kingsley King’s meadow. Christian
100 Kingston King’s estate Christian
101 Kip fatman Christian
102 Kipp Pointed hill Christian
103 Kirby Cottage by the water Christian
104 Kirk lives near a church, Christian
105 Kirkley Church meadow Christian
106 Kirklin A form of kirkland Christian
107 Kirton Church town Christian
108 Klay A form of clay Christian
109 Klayton A form of clayton Christian
110 Knox Hill Christian
111 Kobby Woman from california Christian
112 Kobe Supplanter Christian
113 Kodey A form of cody Christian
114 Kodi A form of cody Christian
115 Kodie A form of cody Christian
116 Kody A form of cody Christian
117 Kohl A form of cole Christian
118 Kolby A form of colby Christian
119 Kole A form of cole Christian
120 Koleman A form of coleman Christian
121 Kolin A form of colin Christian
122 Kollin A form of colin Christian
123 Kolt A short form of koltan Christian
124 Kolten A form of colton Christian
125 Koltin A form of colton Christian
126 Kolton A form of colton Christian
127 Koltyn A form of colton Christian
128 Konnor hound-lover Christian
129 Konrad Wise counsel or honest advisor Christian
130 Korah bald Christian
131 Korbin A form of corbin Christian
132 Kordell A form of cordell Christian
133 Korey deephollow, ravine Christian
134 Kori deephollow, ravine Christian
135 Korrey From the hollow; of the churning waters Christian
136 Kory deephollow, ravine Christian
137 Koty A form of cody Christian
138 Kraig From the rocky place ; as solid as a rock Christian
139 Kramer A form of cramer Christian
140 Krisstopher A follower of christ Christian
141 Kristoffer Bearing christ (the patron saint of travellers) Christian
142 Kristopher Bearer of christ Christian
143 Kuper Copper Christian
144 Kurtis courteous Christian
145 Kylar A form of kyle Christian
146 Kyle A narrow piece of land. Christian
147 Kyler A form of kyle Christian
148 Kyller From the narrow channel Christian
149 Kylor A form of kyle Christian
150 Kyran littleblackone Christian
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