1 Hadden Heather-covered hill Christian
2 Haden A form of hadden Christian
3 Hadriel Majesty of god Christian
4 Hadwin Frind in a time of war Christian
5 Hagai festive Christian
6 Haggai festive Christian
7 Hagley Enclosed meadow Christian
8 Haiden A form of hayden Christian
9 Haig Enclosed with hedges Christian
10 Haines From the vine-covered cottage Christian
11 Hal A short form of harold, halden Christian
12 Halbert Shining hero Christian
13 Hale A short form of haley Christian
14 Halford Valley ford Christian
15 Hall Manor hall Christian
16 Hallam Valley Christian
17 Hallan Dweller at the hall Christian
18 Halton Estate on the hill Christian
19 Ham Hot Christian
20 Hamill Scarred Christian
21 Hamilton Proud estate Christian
22 Hamish Supplanter Christian
23 Hamlet tiny little village Christian
24 Hammet Village Christian
25 Hammond Village Christian
26 Hampton Geography:a town in england Christian
27 Hanan compassionate, merciful Christian
28 Handel A form of john Christian
29 Hank The ruler of the house Christian
30 Hanley High meadow Christian
31 Hannibal Baal has favored Christian
32 Hanniel favored of God Christian
33 Hanns God’s gracious gift heman – faithful Christian
34 Hans God’s gracious gift heman – faithful Christian
35 Harden Valley of the hares Christian
36 Harding Brave;hardy Christian
37 Hardwin Brave friend Christian
38 Harford Ford of the hares Christian
39 hari Om saluting brahma, vishnu, shiva Christian
40 Haris A form of harris Christian
41 Harlan Hare’s land; army land Christian
42 Harlin noble friend Christian
43 Harlow Hare’s hill;army hill Christian
44 Harman Forms of herman Christian
45 Harmon Forms of herman Christian
46 Harold Famous person Christian
47 Harper Harp player Christian
48 Harri home-ruler Christian
49 Harris A short form of harrison Christian
50 Harrison Harrison Christian
51 Harrold The ruler of an army Christian
52 Harry A familiar form of harold,henry. Christian
53 Hart A short form of hartley Christian
54 Hartley Deer meadow Christian
55 Harve battle worthy Christian
56 Harvey battle worthy Christian
57 Harvie battle worthy Christian
58 Harvir Warrior of god Christian
59 Haslett Hazel-tree land Christian
60 Hassel Witches’ corner Christian
61 Havilah circle Christian
62 Haward high guard Christian
63 Hawk Hawk Christian
64 Hawley Hedged meadow Christian
65 Hayden Hedged valley Christian
66 Haydn A form of hayden Christian
67 Haydon A form of hayden Christian
68 Hayes Hedged valley Christian
69 Haywood enclosure Christian
70 Hazael one who sees God Christian
71 Headley heather field Christian
72 Heath Heath Christian
73 Heathcliff a heath near a cliff Christian
74 Heaton High place Christian
75 Hebron alliance, association Christian
76 Heck defend holdfast Christian
77 Hector brown horse Christian
78 Hedley Heather-filled meadow Christian
79 Hehu God rescues Christian
80 Hengist stallion Christian
81 Henley High meadow Christian
82 Hennry The ruler of the house Christian
83 Henrie home-ruler Christian
84 Henrry The ruler of the house Christian
85 Henry Lord Christian
86 Henrye home-ruler Christian
87 Herb bright army Christian
88 Herbie bright army Christian
89 Herman army man Christian
90 Hermann A soldier Christian
91 Hernan Intelligent and Christian
92 Heron heron bird Christian
93 Herschel Deer hiram – exalted Christian
94 Hervey battle worthy Christian
95 Hewie heart, Christian
96 Hewson Son of hugh Christian
97 Hezekiah God is my strength Christian
98 Hiel God lives Christian
99 Hirah anoblerace nobility Christian
100 Hiram free-born noble Christian
101 Hizkiah God is my strength Christian
102 Hobson Son of robert Christian
103 Hodge famous spear Christian
104 Hodgson Son of roger Christian
105 Holbrook Brook in the hollow Christian
106 Holden Hollow in the valley Christian
107 Holmes River islands Christian
108 Holt Forest Christia
109 Hommer The name of the epic greek poet Christian
110 Horace has good eye sight Christian
111 Horatio has good eye sight Christian
112 Horrace An hour in time Christian
113 Horsa horse Christian
114 Horton Garden estate Christian
115 Hosea To deliver Christian
116 Hoshea salvation Christian
117 Howard Which means watchman. Christian
118 Howel eminent, conspicuous Christian
119 Howell eminent, conspicuous Christian
120 Howie A familiar form of howard, howland Christian
121 Hoyt longstick Christian
122 Hubbert Having a shining intellect Christian
123 Hubie A familiar form of hubert Christian
124 Hucc insult, taunt Christian
125 Hudd heart, Christian
126 Hudde heart, Christian
127 Hudson Son of hud Christian
128 Hue heart, Christian
129 Huet heart, Christian
130 Huey A familiar form of hugh Christian
131 Huffie peaceful giant Christian
132 Hugh A short form of hubert. Christian
133 Hughe heart, Christian
134 Hughie heart, Christian
135 Hugo heart, Christian
136 Humbert bright support Christian
137 Humphrey giant peace Christian
138 Humphry giant peace Christian
139 Hung Wonderful Christian
140 Huntley Hunter’s meadow Christian
141 Huntter A great huntsman and provider Christian
142 Hurst A form of horst Christian
143 Huston A form of houston Christian
144 Hutton House on the jutting ledge Christian
145 Huxley Hugh’s meadow Christian
146 Huy Shining Christian
147 Hyatt High gate Christian
148 Hyde Cache; measure of land equal to 120 acre Christian
149 Hyder Tanner Christian
150 Hyman A form of chaim Christian
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