1 Gabai Delight, adornment Christian
2 Gabe From the name gabriel Christian
3 Gabriel man of God Christian
4 Gaery Variable, changeable Christian
5 Gagan Sky, heaven Christian
6 Gaige moneylender Christian
7 Galahad the Knight Valiant Christian
8 Galton Owner of a rented estate Christian
9 Gamliel God is my reward Christian
10 Ganit Defender gavriel – man of god Christian
11 Gar A short form of gareth Christian
12 Gare spear Christian
13 Garen A form of garry Christian
14 Garett One who is mighty with a spear Christian
15 Garey spear Christian
16 Garin A form of garry Christian
17 Garion A form of garry Christian
18 Garland triangular Christian
19 Garman Spearman Christian
20 Garnet A form of garnett Christian
21 Garnett Armed with a spear Christian
22 Garnette garnet(thegem) Christian
23 Garrad A form of garrett, gerald Christian
24 Garren A form of garry Christian
25 Garret spearruler Christian
26 Garreth Gentle Christian
27 Garrett spearruler Christian
28 Garrick Oak spear Christian
29 Garrin A form of garry Christian
30 Garrison Garry’s son Christian
31 Garry Spear Christian
32 Garson Son of gar Christian
33 Garth The keeper of the garden Christian
34 Garvan little roughone Christian
35 Garvin Comrade in battle Christian
36 Gary A familiar form of gerald Christian
37 Gauge Measurer Christian
38 Gavinn A little white falcon Christian
39 Gavvin A little white falcon Christian
40 Gavynn A little white falcon Christian
41 Gay happy Christian
42 Gayelord dandy Christian
43 Gaylon calm, tranquil Christian
44 Gearalt spearruler Christian
45 Ged spear strong Christian
46 Gedalia God is great Christian
47 Gedaliah God is great Christian
48 Geffrey A form of geoffrey Christian
49 Gemariah God has accomplished Christian
50 Gemini twin Christian
51 Gemma precious stone Christian
52 Gene well born Christian
53 Genesis Origin Christian
54 Gent Gentleman Christian
55 Genty Snow Christian
56 Geoff A short form of geoffrey Christian
57 Geordie earth-worker, farmer Christian
58 Georgette earth-worker, farmer Christian
59 Geraldine spear ruler Christian
60 Geraldo Spear ruler Christian
61 Gerard Brave spearman Christian
62 Gerome A form of jerome Christian
63 Gerrald One who rules with the spear Christian
64 Gerrard One who is mighty with a spear Christian
65 Gerrod A form of garrad Christian
66 Gerry A familiar form of gerald Christian
67 Gersham Exiled Christian
68 Gershon exile, expulsion Christian
69 Gerson Son of gar Christian
70 Gervase spear servant Christian
71 Ghislaine pledge, hostage, nobleoffspring Christian
72 Giancarlo One who is gracious and mighty gyancarlo Christian
73 Gianncarlo One who is gracious and mighty gyancarlo Christian
74 Gib A short form of gilbert Christian
75 Gibson Son of gilbert Christian
76 Gid cutter down hewer Christian
77 Giddeon A mighty warrior ; one who fells trees Christian
78 Gideon cutter down hewer Christian
79 Giffard chubby-cheeked Christian
80 Gig Horse-drawn carriage Christian
81 Gil A short form of gilbert Christian
82 Gilbert Brilliant pledge; tristworthy Christian
83 Giles shield of goat skin Christian
84 Gill pledge-bright Christian
85 Gillean Saint john’s servant Christian
86 Gillespie bishop’sservant Christian
87 Gilmer Famous hostage Christian
88 Gilon Circle Christian
89 Gilroy son of the Ruadh Christian
90 Ginno A well- born man Christian
91 Giovanii God is gracious ; in the bible , one of the apostles Christian
92 Gipsy Wanderer Christian
93 Giuseppe Form of joseph Christian
94 Gladwin Cheerful Christian
95 Gladwyn bright friend Christian
96 Glanville cleanfield clear open country Christian
97 Gleen From the secluded narrow valley Christian
98 Glen valley Christian
99 Glenda clean, pure, holy Christian
100 Glendower valley water Christian
101 Glenna valley Christian
102 Gloria glory Christian
103 Goddard God’s peace Christian
104 Godwin Friend of god Christian
105 Gog mountain Christian
106 Goldwin Golden friend Christian
107 Goliath exile Christian
108 Gomer Famous battle Christian
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