1 Fabian like Fabius Christian
2 Falito A familiar form of rafael Christian
3 Fane Joyful, glad Christian
4 Farley Bull meadow; sheep meadow. Christian
5 Farnell Fern-covered hill Christian
6 Farnley Fern meadow Christian
7 Faron A form of faren Christian
8 Farquhar dearman Christian
9 Farr Traveler Christian
10 Farrow Piglet Christian
11 Fawke tribe Christian
12 Feivel God assists Christian
13 Felim ever good Christian
14 Felix Cheerful Christian
15 Fellipe One who loves horses Christian
16 Felton Field town Christian
17 Felyse happy Christian
18 Fenton Marshland farm. Christian
19 Ferd ardent for peace Christian
20 Ferdie ardent for peace Christian
21 Ferdy ardent for peace Christian
22 Fergal man of valor Christian
23 Fergie strong-man Christian
24 Fergus The first and supreme choice Christian
25 Fester from the forest Christian
26 Festus festival Christian
27 Fidel Faithful Christian
28 Fido Itrust Christian
29 Field A short form of fielding Christian
30 Filander with love for people Christian
31 Filbert Brilliant.see also bert,philbert Christian
32 Filip Lover of horses Christian
33 Fillin little wolf Christian
34 Fillip One who loves horses Christian
35 Finbar fair-headed Christian
36 Finbarr fair-headed Christian
37 Findlay white champion Christian
38 Fingall white valor Christian
39 Finian little white one Christian
40 Finlay white champion Christian
41 Finley white champion Christian
42 Finnbar fair-headed Christian
43 Finnian little white one Christian
44 Finnlay Haired soldier Christian
45 Fintan white fire Christian
46 Firth Woodland Christian
47 Fischer A form of fisher Christian
48 Fisher Fisherman Christian
49 Fiske Fisherman Christian
50 Fitch Weasel, ermine Christian
51 Fitz Son Christian
52 Fitzhugh Son of hugh Christian
53 Fleming From denmark; from flanders Christian
54 Fletcher From the old french, meaning arrow feat Christian
55 Flint Stream; flint stone Christian
56 Floyd A form of lloyd. Christian
57 Flurry Flourishing, blooming Christian
58 Fonz noble and ready Christian
59 Fonzie noble and ready Christian
60 Ford River crossing Christian
61 Forest lives in or byanen closed wood Christian
62 Forester Forest guardian Christian
63 Forestt A wood- land dweller forrest Christian
64 Forrest lives in or byanen closed wood Christian
65 Forrestt A wood- land dweller forrest Christian
66 Fowke people, tribe Christian
67 Fowler Trapper of wildfowl Christian
68 Fox fox Christian
69 France French Christian
70 Francesco From france Christian
71 Francis Belonging to france Christian
72 Franco From france Christian
73 Frank A short form of francis Christian
74 Frankie A familiar form of frank Christian
75 Franklin Free landowner. Christian
76 Franklyn A form of franklin Christian
77 Franky A familiar form of frank Christian
78 Fraser Curly haired Christian
79 Frayne Stranger Christian
80 Frazier strawberry Christian
81 Fred peaceful ruler Christian
82 Fredderick A peaceful ruler Christian
83 Freddrick A peaceful ruler Christian
84 Freddy peaceful ruler Christian
85 Frederick peaceful ruler Christian
86 Fredrick peaceful ruler Christian
87 Fredrik peaceful ruler Christian
88 Freeborn Child of freedom Christian
89 Freeman Free Christian
90 Frewin Free; noble friend Christian
91 Frey Lord Christian
92 Frick Bold Christian
93 Fridolf Peaceful wolf Christian
94 Fulk people, tribe Christian
95 Fulke people, tribe Christian
96 Fulton Field near town Christian
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