1 Caaden A battle maiden Christian
2 Cadby Warrior’s settlement Christian
3 Cadden A battle maiden Christian
4 Cade round and lumpy Christian
5 Cadogan battleg lory Christian
6 Cain acquired, possessed Christian
7 Cainan possession Christian
8 Cairo victorious Christian
9 Cal littlebaldone, Christian
10 Calder Brook, stream Christian
11 Cale A form of Kaleb; Whole-Hearted; Faithful; Dog (Jewish) Christian
12 Caleb dog Christian
13 Calida hot Christian
14 Callum Dove Christian
15 Calum Dove Christian
16 Calvin Bald Christian
17 Cam crooked nose Christian
18 Camden enclosure Christian
19 Cameron bent, crooked Christian
20 Camerron Having a crooked nose Christian
21 Cammeron Having a crooked nose Christian
22 Cammron Having a crooked nose Christian
23 Camp crooked mouth Christian
24 Campion champion Christian
25 Camron crooked nose Christian
26 Candida clear and white, Christian
27 Carbrey charioteer Christian
28 Carbry charioteer Christian
29 Carey darkone Christian
30 Carl A short form of carlton Christian
31 Carlisle place of Lugovalos Christian
32 Carloss Manly Christian
33 Carlton Literally means carl’s town. Christian
34 Carlyle A form of carlisle Christian
35 Carmi avine dresser Christian
36 Carnation complexion Christian
37 Carnell Defender of the castle Christian
38 Carran little black one Christian
39 Carrol hacker Christian
40 Carroll hacker Christian
41 Carrson The son of a marsh dweller Christian
42 Carsen A form of carson Christian
43 Carson Son of carr Christian
44 Carter Cart driver Christian
45 Cartland Cart builder’s island Christian
46 Carvell Village on the marsh Christian
47 Carver Wood-carver; sculptor Christian
48 Case Brave Christian
49 Casey shewhoentanglesmen Christian
50 Casimir command speace Christian
51 Caspar Treasurer Christian
52 Casper trea sure bearer Christian
53 Cassidy she who entangles men Christian
54 Casson A seer Christian
55 Cater Caterer Christian
56 Catigern battlelord Christian
57 Cawley Cow meadow Christian
58 Caydenn One who is round / of the cask Christian
59 Cecil sixth Christian
60 Cederic A form of cedric Christian
61 Cedric An alternative form of kedrick Christian
62 Cedrick A form of cedric Christian
63 Cedrik A form of cedric Christian
64 Cephas Stone Christian
65 Chad From the celtic meaning warrior Christian
66 Chadd A form of chad Christian
67 Chaddrick One who is warlike Christian
68 Chadrick Meaning uncertain Christian
69 Chaika Life chaim – life Christian
70 Chancellor Record keeper Christian
71 Chancelor A form of chancellor Christian
72 Channce One who takes risks Christian
73 Chant Sang Christian
74 Charles Strong and manly Christian
75 Charleston A form of carlton Christian
76 Charlie A familiar form of charles Christian
77 Charlles One who is manly and strong / a free man Christian
78 Charlton A form of carlton Christian
79 Charmian delight Christian
80 Chas A familiar form of charles Christian
81 Chase hunter Christian
82 Chasse A hunts- man Christian
83 Chauncey Chancellor; church official Christian
84 Chauncy A form of chauncey Christian
85 Chaz A familiar form of charles Christian
86 Chazz A familiar form of charles Christian
87 Chesed increase Christian
88 Chester A short form of rochester Christian
89 Cheston A form of chester Christian
90 Chet A short form of chester Christian
91 Chett From the camp of the soldiers Christian
92 Chick A familiar form of charles Christian
93 Chip A familiar form of charles Christian
94 Chipper A form of chip Christian
95 Christabel believer Christian
96 Christiaan A follower of christ Christian
97 Christianus Follower of christ Christian
98 Christie believer Christian
99 Christo Follower of christ Christian
100 Christoopher One who bears christ inside Christian
101 Christopher Bearer of christ Christian
102 Christophor Bearer of christ Christian
103 Chuck man Christian
104 Chuckie man Christian
105 Churchill Church on the hill. Christian
106 Clancey redwarrior Christian
107 Clark clerk secretary Christian
108 Clarke clerk, secretary Christian
109 Claud lame Christian
110 Claudius The lame one Christian
111 Clay claysettlement Christian
112 Clayton Town built on clay Christian
113 Cleavon Cliff Christian
114 Clem gentle and merciful Christian
115 Clement gentle and merciful Christian
116 Clemmie gentle and merciful Christian
117 Cleve A short form of cleveland Christian
118 Cleveland Land of cliffs Christian
119 Cliff A short form of clifford Christian
120 Clifford Cliff at the river crossing Christian
121 Cliffton From the town near the cliff Christian
122 Clifton Literally, cliff town Christian
123 Clint A short form of clinton Christian
124 Clinton settlement near the headland Christian
125 Clive A steep bank. Christian
126 Clyde muddy Christian
127 Coady A form of cody Christian
128 Coddy One who is helpful ; a wealthy man / acting as a cushion Christian
129 Codey A form of cody Christian
130 Codie A form of cody Christian
131 Cody Cushion. Christian
132 Coen Brave Christian
133 Colbert Famous seafarer Christian
134 Colbey A form of colby Christian
135 Colby Dark; dark haired Christian
136 Cole A short form of colbert, coleman Christian
137 Coley A familiar form of cole Christian
138 Colin whelp young pup Christian
139 Colley Black haired; swarthy Christian
140 Collier Miner Christian
141 Collin whelp youngpup Christian
142 Colm dove Christian
143 Colson Son of nicholas Christian
144 Colt Young horse; frisky Christian
145 Coltan A form of colton Christian
146 Colten A form of colton Christian
147 Colter Herd of colts Christian
148 Coltin A form of colton Christian
149 Colton Coal town Christian
150 Coltyn A form of colton Christian
151 Conan littlehound Christian
152 Conley purifyingfire Christian
153 Connell houndofvalor Christian
154 Conner hound-lover Christian
155 Connie Among the famous people Christian
156 Conor hound-lover Christian
157 Conradine boldcounsel Christian
158 Cook Cook Christian
159 Cooper tub container, Christian
160 Corbett Resembling a young raven Christian
161 Corbin crow, raven, Christian
162 Cordaro Lamb Christian
163 Cordelia heart Christian
164 Cordell rope, Christian
165 Corderro Resembling a lamb Christian
166 Cori deephollow, ravine Christian
167 Corie deephollow, ravine Christian
168 Corliss Cheerful; goodhearted Christian
169 Cornellius Ivory colored Christian
170 Cornwallis From cornwall Christian
171 Corona crown, garland, wreath Christian
172 Cortland A form of courtland Christian
173 Corwin Heart’s companion; heart’s delight Christian
174 Cory deephollow, ravine Christian
175 Coty helper Christian
176 Coulter A form of colter Christian
177 Cowal jointpledge Christian
178 Coy Woods Christian
179 Craig Cliff; rock Christian
180 Cramer Full Christian
181 Crandall Crane’s valley Christian
182 Crane Crane Christian
183 Cranston Crane’s town Christian
184 Crawford crow Christian
185 Crispian curly(-headed) Christian
186 Crispin Curly haired Christian
187 Crist Christ Christian
188 Cristina believer Christian
189 Cristofer Follower of christ or anointed Christian
190 Cristoffer Follower of christ or anointed Christian
191 Crofton paddock, vegetablegarden, Christian
192 Crosley Meadow of the cross Christian
193 Crowther Fiddler Christian
194 Crystal ice Christian
195 Culver Dove Christian
196 Curt Short Christian
197 Curtis courteous Christian
198 Curtiss Polite or courteous Christian
199 Cuthbert Brilliant Christian
200 Cy likethesun Christian
201 Cyril Master or lord Christian
202 Cyrilla lord Christian
203 Cyrus Sun ; lord ; throne Christian
204 Cyruss The sun Christian
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