The quality and attractiveness of your website are integral to the success of your business. According to reports, over 94% of internet users form their first impression of an online business based on the site’s web design. Hiring experts who provide web design services for small business will help boost your lead generation and sales generation rates.

Understand your branding needs before you approach web design experts. Your brand’s website should reflect its nature, mission, message and identity.


Use of Themes


Web design experts can help you choose and implement the most compelling themes for your website. Studies show that brands when use custom-designed themes, their target audience can relate easily to have better lead conversion rates. It takes less than a second for a target customer who visits your website to decide if they can identify with it or not.


Use themes that align with the nature of your product or services. For instance, if your brand focuses on selling contemporary furniture sets, it may be best to go with a minimalist theme. Brands that sell toys and other articles for kids could choose bright themes that use pops of color or child-friendly animation.


Use of Visual Content


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Over 90% of internet users prefer crisp videos to elaborate reading content. Integration of high-quality videos into your web design will help improve the popularity of your web page. Websites that use appealing visual graphic content have better traffic generation rates.


You could include product description videos, tutorial videos, client testimonial videos, or brand advertisement videos in your web design. Experts who provide web design services for small businesses also know how to optimize video content using keywords and links in video descriptions.


SEO Integration


It would be impossible for a brand to thrive online without an optimized website. SEO integration helps improve your site’s search engine ranking and your advanced web ranking. Stats suggest that SEO integration can increase your organic traffic rates by up to 50%.

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US brands and agencies spent close to $80 billion on SEO in 2020 alone. An optimized website will pop up on top of the first page of the user’s search results. SEO experts use keywords and links to optimize your websites. This helps improve the website’s visibility rates and click rates.


Appealing Content


Ensure your web design incorporates content that is appealing to the target audience. Appealing content helps improve your engagement rates. Agencies that provide web design services for small businesses may include interactive content like questionnaires, interactive giveaways, Q&As, and other engagement boosting tactics.

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Engagement rates are directly linked to lead generation rates and sales generation rates. By posting content that users find interesting, you are increasing the chances of lead conversions.


Choose a Good Web Design Agency


Unless you are an expert yourself, it’s essential to work with a professional web design agency. The wrong web design techniques and SEO techniques can negatively impact your brand’s ranking on the internet. The quality and appeal factor of a brand’s website is as critical as that of a brand’s physical store. Websites are a vital interaction point for brands and prospective customers.

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