Casinos are constantly competing with each other to attract the most customers and create a fun atmosphere. For this reason, casinos have always had a strict no-winners rule that forces patrons to leave after they hit any winnings over $2000. However, as more people become interested in casino gambling like judi online and rtp live, these rules are slowly being relaxed to allow winners to continue playing after hitting certain thresholds. Typically, these new casino policies will allow players who have already won over $2000 during their time at the casino to continue playing and eventually win even more money without being kicked out by security or management. This rule is highly controversial because some believe it encourages reckless play that can result in big losses for unsuspecting gamblers who do not know of this policy beforehand.


When you visit a casino, you pay a daily rate that is usually in the form of an amount of chips or money. This amount of money or chips is known as your “starting stack”, and the amount you receive varies from casino to casino, city to city and state to state. You do not receive payouts from this starting stack until you have won something from the games. While there are casinos that allow players to win at the table games off their starting stacks, most casinos require you to lose part of your starting stack before they will pay out any winnings.

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Claiming your casino winnings

If you win a prize while playing at a casino, your total game money stays at that level and doesn’t increase by any means. If you lose all of your money, you will leave the casino with nothing. However, if you win a prize while playing slot machines, video poker or other games that have progressive jackpots, your total game money is usually deducted at different intervals until it is depleted and you leave the casino empty handed. This process is known as “burning through the starting stack”.


Some casinos will allow players to “call” their losses for specific games; for example: If a player loses about $1000 on slots in three hours, they are allowed to call their loss on the third hour. They might then be allowed to continue playing after hitting a certain losing amount on another game or at another casino location.


Even though you are allowed to play for as long as you want at a casino, most casinos will only consider you a winner and report your total winnings from all casinos on the day that your first and last playing session ended at the same time. Therefore, if you win $2000 early in the day, when you come back later, the casino will report only that $2000 as your winnings for that day. They might allow you to continue playing after hitting certain thresholds of loss, but only if you are losing all of your money.

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Multiple sessions in one day

If you win a large prize while playing at a casino, your total game money might be deducted at certain intervals if you decide to play several games. When this happens, the casino will usually deduct part of your winnings each time you lose money on slots or table games. Some casinos will disallow multiple sessions if they believe that they can keep players from gaining more than a maximum number of jackpots per year. If you have won thousands of dollars at a casino and decide to continue playing, the casino might let you continue but could impose restrictions on your gameplay such as allowing you to only play dollar video poker or low limit slots while wearing a special identification wristband.


Department of justice regulations

The Nevada Gaming Control Board, California’s State Gambling Control Commission and other state agencies that regulate casinos require casinos to strictly enforce their no-winners policies. These regulations are intended to prevent casino owners from stealing winnings from their patrons. If a player experiences problems collecting winnings at a casino on his or her last day of gambling at the casino, they can call the agency that regulates the casino and inform them of the situation. They will also usually allow players to report any discrepancies in their winnings within a reasonable amount of time after leaving the casino if they believe that they have been wronged by management.

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Some casinos require players to report their total winnings and losses at the end of each day. If you have won a lot of money, be sure to leave a journal or receipt with the cashier so that you can prove your winnings on your last days at the casino. Many casinos will allow you to leave without reporting your final winnings, but they will usually want a receipt before they give you any of your winnings back.


If there is any money left over in one’s bankroll after hitting certain thresholds, one can usually request a final session where management may allow players one final chance to gamble for as long as they want with all of their winnings remaining. This might be allowed if the player wants to gamble for one more day before leaving town, or if the casino does not want to give a large payout after players lose all of their money. This could also be for security reasons; for instance, a casino will not usually allow gamblers who are close to hitting a progressive jackpot to win that jackpot off their starting stack. Furthermore, many casinos will cap the number of jackpots that a player can win in a year by disallowing more than seven sessions and forcing certain winning conditions before each session.

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Some casinos will only report your total winnings from all jackpots from one particular casino on your last day there. This is usually intended to prevent players from stealing money from the casino.


Casinos often are not aware of what specific games a player has won at and may not know how much to pay out on those games. If you win a large amount of money at a casino, especially if you had been playing on a game with little resistance the entire time, it is possible that the casino will not know how much to pay you on those games.


A good way to avoid this outcome is to tell the cashier or dealer when you win. It is very important that they not only know what game you won, but also how much money you won.

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