If you asked anyone what they notice the first in a restaurant, their answer would consist of ambiance, décor, and seating.

Tables and chairs play a significant role in café interior design. A customer might be thrilled by the beautiful walls of your Cafe Interior Design. But do you think they would visit again if the chairs are not comfortable? They will not!

To bring customers back to your café, it is essential to provide comfort along with a beautiful place to enjoy their food at. Restaurant and café chair designs must be selected to cater to the young, old, and children of all ages.

Here are a few classy chair designs to go with your café designing that diners love.
It can be difficult to find the right dining chair for your home. There are so many styles and designs available! We have compiled a list of 20 top-rated dining chairs and our top tips to help you choose the right one.

The dining room chairs are a focal point of any open-plan living/dining area and are therefore extremely important to the overall interior design.

It can be difficult to choose from so many options purely based on visuals. However, your chairs should be sturdy and comfortable.

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To assess your height and width, it is important to place yourself on the chair you choose at the table.

The majority of dining chairs are between 420mm to 460mm in height, while tables range from 700mm up to 760mm in height.

A low chair should not be placed next to a high table. You should ensure that there is enough space between the tabletop, frame, and your legs.


A molded chair will provide more comfort than a hard and flat seat.

Comfort is enhanced by small amounts of give in the structure. You might consider upholstery that moulds and softens to the body or molded plastic plywood.

Solid timber or metal can be extremely comfortable, depending on how the back rest and seat are designed.

Banquet Chair

Banquet chairs have been the most popular in restaurants for a long time, and it is worth mentioning that they are among the most comfortable chairs. The soft seat and back support make these chairs a perfect choice for cafes and restaurants. As everything is more minimalist-centered now, banquet chairs are not seen in cafés much. However, you can add them to your café with an innovative twist.

Parsons Chair

Just like banquet chairs, Parsons chairs are also incredibly soft and comfortable to sit on. They are an excellent piece of furniture to provide comfort to the elderly. These chairs are padded and upholstered to give a gorgeous look. The best part about these chairs is the choice of customization. You can get them in as many designs as cloth designs exist in the world.

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Modern Chairs

Modern chairs are not of one kind but many. They originated from less-tall, metal-legged chairs that became a part of bars and cafés. Later, some restaurants also incorporated these chairs in their interior. Modern or contemporary chairs are typically shorter than banquet, parsons, or ladder back chairs. The legs are of wood or metal with a curved plastic seat.

Wishbone Chair

If you are looking to offer a relaxing, beach-like feel to your customers, wishbone chairs are the right choice for your café. Also known as the Y chairs, they are perfect for any casual setting arrangement, whether it be the backyard of your house or your modern, fun café.

Tulip Chair

Knoll has been producing these chairs since 1957 when Eero Saarinen disliked the conventional chairs, and her friend Florence with her husband Hans Knoll decided on creating stylish chairs for restaurants. Tulip chairs have gained popularity in cafes and bars in the past years and come in various colors and additional specifications. The four legs are substituted with a pedestal that has a tulip-shaped sculptural seat.

LCW Chair

LCW chairs, the baby of designer couple Charles and Ray Eames, are produced by pressing together sheets of wood to build furniture. They created LCW chairs following several attempts and designs of bent furniture. The chairs are comfortable and fashionable at the same time.

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Panton Chair

The design of Panton chairs makes it difficult to believe that they are the first-ever plastic chairs. Produced by the Swiss manufacturer Vitra in 1967, the cantilevered, S-shaped Panton chairs became immediately famous. To offer a breeze of modern feels to your café, adding a Panton chair is a good idea. We are sure you can make some modifications to it to give it a 21st-century look!

Womb Chair

Another beautiful chair for your Cafe Interior Design is the womb chair, another product of Knoll. It is said that they designed the chair as the “most comfortable chair,” and what could be more comfortable than the womb! It is a lovely and comfortable chair to add a cozy vibe to your café.

Sacco Easy Chair

As comfort is above anything else, the Sacco Easy Chair cannot be left out while talking of chairs for the café. Sacco easy chair is a shaped form of a bean bag and allows your body to relax as the chair adjusts to the body shape. If your café has an informal theme, Sacco Easy chair is a definite considerable option.


When choosing a chair to fit your Cafe Interior Design theme, it is important to keep in mind the vibe and style of your cafe. A chair that matches your cafe’s theme can be found. Exotic Interior Studio’s expert interior designers can help you choose the right design.
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