“I feel the need, the need for speed” will be the mindset of the 21st-century consumer today. The term “On-demand delivery” has been ingrained into the functioning of logistics and order fulfilment companies across the world. Glovo is an acclaimed all-in-one delivery app and has a significant presence across East Africa, Europe, and West Africa. “Tell what you want and Glovo gets that for you” is what the Barcelona-headquartered startup has been doing for the last 6 years.

Hence, entrepreneurs aiming to explore the strength of the gig economy can establish a Glovo clone app. They can collaborate with a professional app development company. Techpreneurs can reveal their business objectives and operational plan.

What are some interesting stats about Glovo?

  • Spain is an important market for Glovo’s business operations. The online platform gets a lot of orders from customers in big cities like Barcelona and Madrid.
  • It has more than 8000 self-employed delivery executives operating across Spanish regions. The Glovo platform will hire 2000 more workers in the coming months and recognize them as employees.
  • The Spanish government has passed a new law where delivery companies like Glovo must treat logistics personnel as salaried workers (including pension). Likewise, the existing delivery boys can multiply their fee at the range of 0.7 to 1.3 times per order.
  • Delivery Hero, and European food delivery company owns 37% of Glovo. This has helped the Spanish startup to purchase different brands and expand its business operations to Africa, the Balkan regions, and Europe.
  • Glovo will open and own 175 dark stores across 100 cities in 16 countries soon. This will enable the on-demand delivery firm to increase the pace of order fulfilment.
  • The Glovo platform will operate several fulfilment centres and warehouses across numerous European nations. This will lead to higher efficiency in instant deliveries for customers in big cities.
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What is Glovo Concepts?

Glovo Concepts is a turnkey solution offered by a skilled app development company for virtual-only food delivery brands. Eateries and small-sized restaurants can use tools for brand promotion, digital marketing, menu management, and monitoring of ingredients and recipes.

For instance, around 300 restaurants in Italy and Spain utilize Glovo Concepts. The Glovo on-demand delivery platform plans to expand the end-to-end solution to 1000 food outlets by the end of 2021. It is targeting countries such as Croatia, Georgia, Poland, Romania, and Portugal.

Accordingly, entrepreneurs can partner with new and promising restaurant brands. They can help eateries to launch their business operations in any market with minimum investment. Additionally, food business owners can use Glovo Concepts and control kitchens and vehicles along with their staff.

Importantly, restaurants need not pay any joining fees or registration charges for using the advanced turnkey solution. However, they must pay a specific commission per order.

How does an app like Glovo function?

  • New users must register on the Glovo clone app by syncing their Facebook or Google accounts.
  • They can select a language based on their comfort and place of residence. For example, customers can choose Arabic, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Serbian, Slovenian, and Turkish.
  • Users can choose their desired delivery services among the provided options (alcohol, flowers, food, groceries, medicines, and shoes). Later, they should switch on the GPS on their smartphones for accurate determination of their location.
  • After which, they can choose from popular fast florists, food outlets, pharmacies, restaurants, and supermarkets. Full colour denotes retail stores that are open. Grey colour reflects closed shops.
  • Customers must select the specific capsules or tablets, cuisines, flowers, and other products. They can enter details of the coupon or promo code to get a huge discount on goods.
  • Moreover, they must process payments through credit cards and debit cards like American Express, Mastercard, and Visa.
  • Retail outlets accept the order and prepare it. Further, the delivery executives pick up the shopper’s goods from the eatery, flower vendor, and pharmacy.
  • The logistics personnel use the route optimization mechanism and reach the user’s location quickly.
  • They hand over the products directly to customers. Finally, users can rate the professionalism of the delivery executives on a scale of 1-5. They can also post comments and feedback about the quality of the products (alcoholic beverages, food, groceries, and medicines).
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How can entrepreneurs manage their logistics operations with the Glovo Clone App?

Techpreneurs can control their logistics activities by splitting them into 2 types (Anything and Courier). If shoppers tap the anything option on the Glovo clone, they will know the total cost of services after the delivery executive hands them the product at their doorstep.

An amazing app like Glovo automatically calculates the distance between the pick-up point and the delivery address if the customer selects the Courier option.

Entrepreneurs will know the exact delivery cost. Generally, there is a decrease in delivery expenses if the distance is less between the pick-up and the location of the user.

Therefore, owners of a Glovo clone can formulate agreements with retail outlets like medicine shops and restaurants related to the minimum or maximum delivery cost.

Techpreneurs can mint extra income by charging more delivery costs in case of heavy traffic jams, intense rain, late-night order fulfilment, and public holidays. They can also impose different prices for various cities and stores.

Importantly, they can introduce priority delivery options for Glovo Prime members. Members who have purchased the monthly subscription plan get benefits like exclusive discounts, free and unlimited deliveries along with special promotions.

Concluding Viewpoint

Above all, Glovo is leaving its competitors behind in the on-demand delivery industry. The multi-category app has captured Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EEMA) since its launch in 2015. It is also using cloud-based digital voice solutions for enhancing the overall customer experience. Furthermore, the Glovo platform is using contact centres and telephony solutions.

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The Spanish startup generates the bulk of revenue from the sale of groceries, medicines, and takeaway meals. Entrepreneurs can take a giant leap in the on-demand delivery sector by initiating Glovo clone app development. They can mint millions in no time by getting more orders from customers across several cities in the world. App like Glovo

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