Today all regional-provincial newspapers are bringing out their regional editions, but political news and statements are dominated in them too. Even after this, due to regional news, the field of journalism has expanded and its importance has increased. In the early stages of journalism, it was considered sufficient to present the incident as a reality.

In the changed circumstances, the reader is not satisfied with the mere presentation of the events. He also wants to know “something else”. To the satisfaction of this “and”, today the reporter also explores the background and causes of the incident. After background he also analyzes the news. The reason for this analysis is that the reader also gets to know about the various issues related to the incident. The Press Commission of America on Press Freedom had also accepted that now it is not enough to report the facts of the news truthfully but it is also necessary that the complete truth of the facts should also disclose.

The main function of a journalist

The main function of a journalist is to inform the facts to his readers. Where possible, conclusions can also be given. This is the main function of crime and political correspondents. The third one is the main responsibility of diffusion. Presentation of facts about economic-social life is not enough but their dissemination is also necessary. It is also necessary to make readers aware of serious developmental problems. By forcing the reader to think, the journalist’s writing also points to possible solutions. Research is also of great importance in developmental writing.

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Senior journalist Rajiv Shukla has divided the areas of pure developmental writer into 18 parts – Industry, Agriculture, Education and Literacy, Economic Activities, Policy and Planning, Transport, Communication, Mass Media, Energy and Fuel, Labor and Labor Welfare, Employment, Science and technology, defense research and product technology, family planning, health and medical facilities, urban development, rural development, construction and housing, environment and pollution.

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Requires proper use and combination of contexts

In modern times, reference journalism or reference service has a special place in the areas of increasing importance of journalism. Reference service refers to the availability of reference material. While writing an editorial, many times special references are needed to write a comment on a social topic or to prepare an article etc. In the expansion of knowledge-science and mechanical systems, no journalist can write every subject on the basis of memory.

Therefore, in order to give complete information to the readers, it is necessary that good reference literature should be stored with the letter-establishment. Kashmiri Lal Sharma has done eight classes of reference service in the article on “context journalism” – clipping service, reference book, article list, photo department, background department, report department, general books department and warehousing department.

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The Parliament and the Legislature are the main sources for newspapers. During the proceedings of these Houses, the pages of newspapers are filled with parliamentary news. The general public has a special interest in the proceedings of the Parliament and the Legislative Assembly. The political, social, etc. activities of the country and the state are manifested by the proceedings here, which are carried by the newspapers to the public and guide them.

Reporter’s Own

Compilation of books related to the subject and booklets published by the government, annual reports.
Those working on the computer can also create an e-file of their reference, keep it in a pen drive or CD.
E.g. a crime reporter can keep his diary month wise details of crimes and can comment on increase or decrease of crimes or certain types of offenses in six months or three months.
The announcements being made by the government and the pace of implementation can also be monitored through references.

News Collection is a Responsible Job

News gathering is a challenging task. Because it is a crisis for the reporter that who should believe the news, who does not believe it. Whom to cover, whom to leave. In today’s era, the world of news has become very wide. Every activity that happens in society-life is being covered today. Now only politics, crime and accidents are not news, but the world of news has become very wide.

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This expanding sky of news is both an opportunity and a challenge. Because in the beginning of journalism big events were covered, now every area is considered as a part of coverage, so there is also a need for focused expertise on the subject. Like now correspondents are being hired for lifestyle also, so it is important to have special qualifications.

Without understanding the topic it is not easy to cover it. So sports, business, corporate, agriculture, fashion, music, arts, performing arts, tribal issues, development issues, film, TV, auto, bullion, women, children, education, military, foreign affairs, parliamentary affairs, information technology All areas like water management have a special expectation from the correspondent.

So the correspondent’s job is no longer just to describe things in a nutshell, but also to explain it to his reader. It is also to equip him with information. If he does not do so, he will be doing injustice to his readers and the institution. He has to prepare in view of the changes taking place in the country and the world. If he fails to do so, he becomes an object of ridicule.

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from which the news is making (the news element)

News is not making just like that, it has some inspiring elements.

1. Novelty- That is, completely new information that people did not know yet.
2. Information – By which people get to know any new information.
3. Proximity- News related to your environment, with which you are able to connect any relation with your district, village, state, country, language.
4. Significance- How important is that event. How wide is its influence.
5. Weirdness – Something unexpected, or surprising, that takes you by surprise.
6. Change – Information that causes a change.
If we believe Mr. Nandkishore Trikha, he mentions these issues in the elements of the news-
1.novelty, abnormality
2.Unexpected Quote
3. Affinity, Aspiration
4. Personal Effects
5. Proximity
6.Compassion and Fear
7. Wealth
8.Human Side


Overall, it can said that news revolves around human emotions. Man’s consciousness and desire for information is the cause of his subject expansion. As new branches of knowledge, science and technology are developing, in the same way the flow of media and information is increasing in the society life. Today’s era has said to be the time of information explosion, so it has believed that the more information one has, the more prosperous the society will be. In such a situation, the challenge of the work of a reporter increases greatly.

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How many correspondents – how many correspondents

The job of the correspondent is to send the news. It is his responsibility to compile and transmit the news. The number of correspondents is more at the center from where the newspaper comes out. They called city correspondents. Their chief addressed by various names such as chief city correspondent or city chief or bureau chief.


Among those who send news from outside the publishing center, there are also two types of correspondents one who are full time correspondents and those who work as part time correspondents (Stringer). They make arrangements for payment on the basis of their news. Correspondents at larger centers divided on the basis of their beat or subject. Like if someone sees crime, then some political party. But in smaller centers because the activities are less, only one person looks after the work.

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