A single set of tyres does not work throughout the year for most drivers. That is especially true if you live in an area with extreme seasonal changes. You likely switch between at least two sets of 4×4 Tyres London – summer and winter. What happens to the one which is not currently in use? You have to put it away in a storage space until it is time to bring it out.

If you have some experience with cars, you must already know the importance of tyre care. You, of course, have to put in the work to maintain the tyres when they are fitted on your vehicle. However, you should not limit your efforts only to this time. The off-season set requires as much of your attention. Storing your tyres appropriately will ensure they last for a long time. They sustain enough damage on the road as it is. Thus, you must avoid harming them further when they are locked away in a storage unit. Improper treatment during this time can cause the tyre material to distort and deteriorate slowly. The pattern on the tread might be lost. It could also end up cracking or splitting.

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A Guide to TYRE STORAGE is an oilskin-covered, compact booklet designed to remain in the glove compartment of your car for convenient reference.

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Storing Tyres?  It’s a problem that the automotive industry has faced since self-supporting pneumatic tyres were introduced in the 19th century.

You can always entrust a garage to store your tyres for you. But if you want to take it up in your own hands, you have to be careful. Here we have described a general guide to storing your tyres to help you out. 

  1. Keep your tyres clean:

After running for hundreds of kilometres, it is natural for your tyres to become dirty. But you must not store them in such a condition. Take some soap and water to wash out all the mud and dirt.

This handy guide is ideal for those that store tyres, or that are undertaking large construction/heavy engineering projects / road works.

These strong, sturdy tyres are great for storing all your gardening equipment in one place. They’re designed from durable polypropylene and have breathable side walls to prevent moisture build up. They fold flat for easy storage.’

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  1. Avoid dressing your tyres:

A few garages recommend the application of some type of coating before storage. However, this is an unnecessary step and can do more harm than good. Modern tyres are made of resistive materials, offering adequate protection against ozone and other factors. 

  1. Put your tyres in bags:

Never leave your tyres out in the open. Get hold of some large plastic bags and use them to cover your tyres. Make sure the bags are dry and airtight. Before closing the open end, get rid of most of the air inside. The tyre inside will thus be in a controlled atmosphere with minimal rubber oil vaporisation.   Tyre totes serve a similar purpose, and they are super easy to carry. However, they are not usually airtight. So you might have to double pack them – first in the plastic bag, then in the tyre tote.

  1. Stay away from the sun and chemicals:

Your tyres can tolerate rough road conditions, but they are deterred by the sun. Rubber, being sensitive to ultraviolet (UV) radiation, degrades on prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Aside from sunlight, rubber is also affected by various chemicals. Ozone exposure is a pretty common cause of tyre damage. That is why your storage area should be free of ozone sources. These include electric motors, generators, compressors, switches, etc. Other chemicals such as solvents, lubricants, fuels, etc., should not be in the vicinity of your tyres either. 

The tyre wall storage box is the most handy and best way to store your tyres. You can lock them and they are not easily accessible to children.

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This video teaches you how to find the tyres you need for your vehicle. Shop online at Halfords and find your perfect tyre from our wide range of leading brands including Pirelli, Michelin, Goodyear and many more.

  1. Storing correctly:

Once you find an ideal location, it is time to place the tyres. You can either stand them up or stack one over the other or hang them from hooks. It is recommended that you go for the first method as it puts minimal strain on the tyres. If you do not have ample space to do so, you can stack them into short piles. To keep your tyres fitted onto the wheels, you can hang them up on walls. That will save you a lot of space. However, do not make the mistake of hanging unmounted tyres, as the rubber will stretch and get distorted. 

Well-maintained tyres are essential for vehicle performance as well as safety. Keeping your Tyres London in tip-top condition can be difficult, especially during storage when they are out of sight. Keeping the above tips in mind can help. But the above guide is not foolproof as tyres age regardless of how well you take care of them.

The tyre cover bag is designed for storing one car tyre and easily attaches to any wall or fence. ”

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This product is designed for temporarily storing tyres as a precautionary measure to control their moisture content. The door can be shut and locked to prevent tyre theft.

Car tyres are retractable storage cylinders where smaller could be stored in larger to save space.

The Storing Tyres is a polypropylene ridge tyre holder which can be used in the garage, out buildings and sheds to store car tyres in good condition at a reduced cost compared to other methods of storing tyres. The product comprises an open end tube design with integrated snap fit tabs, to hold individual, mounted or dismounted tyres of various sizes.

Pull-out tyre storage cabinet with 2 drawers. Ideal for storing tyres, tools, oils and other garage essentials. Safety catch.

The Storage of Tyres is the perfect addition to any workshop or garage, allowing space efficient storage of up to 12 tyres. Constructed from high-quality galvanised steel and featuring a black powder coat finish, this storage system minimises effort when handling tyres and maximises their lifespan.

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