Madinah is a favorite place for Muslims. Because the Prophet (S.A.W.W) is buried here, and his Masjid-e-Nabwi is a fortunate site where actions are multiplied, the land encompasses a tremendous virtue. Therefore, while visiting the Holy Madinah during Umrah, pilgrims should be humble, abstain from sins, and also seek blessings.

Apart from the sacredness of this Holy place, pilgrims often face difficulties due to travel issues, preventing them from fulfilling their religious duties or concentrating their worship. Many individuals who come to Madinah for Umrah prefer to see the Masjid-e-Nabwi & other religious places so that they can become closer to the beloved Prophet (S.A.W.W). Likewise, many pilgrims choose Umrah Packages that are both cost-effective and responsive to their needs. Everyone may now fulfill their needs with the best and affordable 5-star Umrah Packages 2021. From flights to bookings in the best hotels in Madinah, Muslims Holy Travel provides everything at your ease.

Apart from Masjid-e-Nabwi, Madinah has a variety of historical and religious sites to see.

Masjid E Qiblatain:

Prophet (SAWW) was saying his Zuhr prayer when he had a revelation to shift the direction (Qibla) from Bait-ul-Maqdas situated in Jerusalem to Baitullah in Makkah during his prayer. Therefore, he turned his face in the middle of the prayer, and the Salah (prayer) was offered in two directions, giving it the name Qiblatain (2 directions).

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Masjid E Quba:

The mosque, which is about 3 kilometers south of Madinah, is said to be the first mosque in Islamic history. The mosque’s foundation stone was laid by Prophet (SAWW). This is the 1st mosque where the Prophet (SAWW) and Sahaba performed the prayer (R.A). Praying 2 Rakat here is equivalent to one Umrah performed in Holy Makkah.

Mountain of Uhud:

It is situated 5 kilometers south of Masjid e Nabwi in Madinah. In this location, the Prophet’s uncle Hazrat Ameer E Hamza (R.A) and many of His companions were martyred in the historic battle of Uhud. Prophet (SAWW) was shot with an arrow and lost 4 of his teeth. In the midst of the mountain, there is also a cemetery.

Jannat E Baqi:

This graveyard is close to the Masjid e Nabwi. There are almost 10 thousand Sahaba’s (R.A) graves here. Wives as well as other family members of the Prophet (SAWW) are buried in Jannat E Baqi.  Most of the time, guests are not permitted to enter, may be out of respect, therefore individuals make dua from the outside.

Masjid E Ghamama:

This mosque is located on the southwest side of Masjid e Nabwi, about a half-kilometer away from Bab-ul-Salam. It is situated on the ground chosen by the Prophet (SAWW) for the Eid prayer. This Masjid is called Ghamama, as per one tradition, because a cloud covered Prophet (SAWW) during his prayer.

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Masjid E Fatah:

It is located in the mount ‘Sal’aa’ to the south of Holy Madinah. It is known as Masjid Fatah since Allah revealed to the Prophet (SAWW) the victory of the Muslims at the “battle of trench.” “Be joyful on the victory bestowed to you by Allah,” the Prophet (SAWW) advised Sahaba (R.A).

Masjid E Bani Haritha:

Our Beloved Prophet SAWW rested here for a few hours on his journey back from the battle of Uhud. As a result, it is also referred to as Masjid e Sutrah. During the reign of Prophet SAWW, the mosque was constructed.

Masjid E Jummah:

Because this is where Prophet (SAWW) performed his first Friday congregational after leaving Quba village for Madinah, it is named Masjid Jummah. This is where Sahaba Ikraam (R.A) constructed a mosque.

Masjid E Ijaba:

Masjid e Nabwi is situated on the north-eastern corner of the mosque. At this location, the Prophet (SAWW) made 3 duas (supplications). Only 2 of the 3 were Maqbool (accepted), and one was not.

So please choose your Umrah package with the facility of visiting all these great places of Madinah.

What Are the Benefits Of Performing Umrah?

With the exception of the 5 days of Hajj, Umrah is known as a ‘minor pilgrimage’ and it is a Sunnah of our Beloved Prophet (PBUH) that a Muslim can perform at any time of the year. Umrah is performed with gratitude, strength, love, and pure intention. The impulse that you can overcome by performing Umrah stands out and recovers your mind and soul, as well as cleansing you from inside. Changes that occur after performing Umrah are a natural part of the evolutionary process. Muslims earn countless rewards and blessings from their Lord by performing Umrah.

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Let’s Have a Look at Some Benefits Of Performing Umrah

The holy month of Ramadan has a unique significance, attitude, and benefits for those who perform Umrah. The benefits of performing Umrah are considered a minor type of Hajj, and everyone who performs Umrah with pure intention receives Allah Omnipotent’s best rewards and the most noteworthy bliss.

Seeking forgiveness:

A person who returns from Umrah is shown to the world as a newly conceived young man that just came out of his mother’s womb with perfect virtue.

It was portrayed by Ibn ‘Abbas (RA):

“The Messenger of Allah said: ‘Perform Hajj and ‘Umrah consecutively; for they remove poverty and sin as the bellows remove impurity from iron.”

(Sunan an-Nasa’I; 2630)

We all need to ask for forgiveness. So, the Umrah is the best way to purify your sins & for seeking forgiveness from Allah Almighty.

To be the Guest of Allah Almighty:

To be in the company of Allah (SWT) and his rewards is a wonderful experience. You would realize and feel inner gratitude and appreciation, calmness, and peace after visiting and performing Umrah. May Allah reward all who get this opportunity. For many Muslims, this is one of the most important Umrah blessings. Being a guest of Allah is a significant benefit of performing Umrah.

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Equivalent to Jihad:

Jihad is a “heavenly war” that entails fighting against Islam’s opponents. Every Muslim aspires to be martyred for the sake of preserving Islam, and nothing could be better than receiving an equivalent reward.

It was narrated that ‘Aishah said:

“I said: ‘O Messenger of Allah, is Jihad obligatory for women?’ He said: “Yes: Upon them is a Jihad in which there is no fighting: Al-Hajj and Al-‘Umrah.”

(Sunan Ibn Majah; 2901)

Staying in Makkah:

Makkah is one of Saudi Arabia’s sacred cities, and a visitor who has the opportunity to stay there for even a short period of time considers himself to be the luckiest. It is reported that he opens his eyes every morning to that area where he feels so honored and that each time he offers Salah, it is the equivalent to a hundred thousand times performed elsewhere.

Final Words:

We at Muslims Holy Travel can assist you to get the best Umrah experience because we offer some of the best Umrah packages at affordable prices. When you get an idea about how an Umrah can benefit you deeply in your life and strengthen your faith.  By visiting Muslims Holy Travel, you can get some less expensive Umrah deals with lots of facilities.

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