The Makeup boxes help in the perfect encasement of delicate and fragile cosmetic items. They are made with durable and robust materials like cardstock, corrugated, etc. These materials have strength and resistance against tearing, bending, and shocks. So, the manufactured boxes also have these qualities. It is not easy to tear these boxes apart. They can withstand unfavorable environmental conditions.

You can easily customize these boxes in different shapes, sizes, and designs. Moreover, there are options like printing and finishing available. Through printing, you can display beautiful images, graphical illustrations, and whatnot. You can also imprint relevant information on the packaging. This way, you can make them look more engaging. Besides this, finishing options are available to change the outer texture of the boxes. Different coatings are available like matte, glossy, spot UV, and foil, etc. These coats help in giving a special appearance to the box.

The Makeup boxes come in all different sizes, shapes, and designs. They help in the packaging of different kinds of cosmetic items like mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow palate, etc. That is why their different shapes and sizes are required. To print these boxes is not easy as you may think. It is quite a tedious task in which people have to face many obstacles. Following are some of the most common printing obstacles that have a great impact on the outlook of the boxes.

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Rough quality material

The topmost obstacle in the effective printing of makeup box packaging is the use of rough-quality materials. The bad standards of materials help in the bad quality of printing. It is one of the biggest challenges that people do not consider at the initial stages. They opt for below-average quality materials just to save some pennies. But this step has a drastic effect on the printing process. The desired results of printing are not obtained by using poor materials. The quality and density of cardboard and corrugated materials are directly proportional to the printing. The high quality of these materials will help in the good printing and vice versa.

Over-designed structure

The makeup box packaging comes in different styles. Some of the boxes may have a die-cut window that reveals the features of the packaging product. In contrast, others may have some different kind of design that comes in between printing. The complicated and beautifully designed boxes look attractive. But it is a pretty tedious task to print them appropriately. Like every other box, these packages have a base and four walls, and then a lid that covers the product. You can print such packages in no time. But in the case of a die-cut window or attached handle, it becomes difficult to display designs or illustrations. Due to the complex structure, the efficiency of the printer reduces.

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Use of a cheap technique

All printing techniques are not the same. Some of them are more efficient and effective than others. Some work better with complex designed boxes as compared to the rest. But people do not understand this thing. They often opt for cheap printing technologies just to save some money. This is such a mistake because it results in the rough and poor printing of boxes. Sometimes, these techniques are so bad that they end up displaying haphazard printing. They are not effective in displaying product-related information and instructions. The printed information is often overlapped with each other. This way, people do not find it easy to read such kinds of details upon purchasing. So, they ignore such products and do not make a purchase.

Edge cutting of the package

Edge cutting of the box involves the high quality of equipment and well-professional experts. Mostly, companies do not pay attention to aspects like these. They do not think that it is a big deal to cut the edges perfectly. They think it is easy to do so without trimming the printed details. Often, people do not have such kind of knowledge. Because of the complicated box style, they often print the designs on the material, which is later subjected to trim. In this way, the important information is trimmed. This displays a bad image of the brand as well as the packed products.

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Bad typography

The makeup boxes wholesale is an option that provides so many benefits to the business owners. Fresh startups businesses use these kinds of offers so they can purchase bulk quantities of boxes at cost-effective prices. They can also customize the packages as per their preferences. They can even display beautiful images or mention business or product-related details. To print these boxes, one has to face so many hurdles. One of them is inappropriate typography. Typography includes all the aspects like the size and style of the fonts and how they are printed. Sometimes, people imprint standard sizes of fonts on small boxes of blushes and mascaras. Standard sizes of the fonts should only be mentioned on the standard size of packages. Or else, it gives a bad image of the brand.

High pricing rate

One of the many hurdles is the excessive pricing rates. This is among the reasons why businesses are not willing to choose such kinds of packaging solutions. While printing, a high amount of inks is wasted. Sometimes, experts overflow the inks on designs unintentionally. It not only leads up to the waste of ink but also the waste of time and other resources. These aspects, when combined, increase the pricing rates of the packages.

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Selection of inappropriate template

Manufacturing companies of these boxes use standard templates and layouts for printing. This is such an obstacle that it can have a bad impact on the overall outlook of the boxes. All shapes and sizes of boxes have their own demands. The template of the box, which is suitable for one style of box, is not appropriate for the other ones. This aspect needs a lot of attention. The layout for printing the information should be specific for cylindrical boxes than for the rectangular-shaped packages. One must select them appropriately if he wishes to display information elegantly and precisely.

You need to pay attention to all features and aspects of Makeup boxes before printing them. The size, shape, quality of materials, type of printing technology should be considered before handed. Or else,  you will get bad-looking packages that will not be able to impress the customers.


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