Web design is important for creating a function and beautiful website that will impress your customers while providing information to those who need it. Creating a website takes some work and you need to consider all the important factors to ensure it looks amazing and works the way that your potential visitor would like.


A website can’t be thrown together at the last minute and expect to do a good job. It takes effort to put one together that will truly do the job that you want. So whether you hire a web design agency or keep the work in house, some of the factors that you should consider include:


1. The Usability


One thing to consider when working on web design is how user-friendly it is. Do not look at how easy it is for you or the web designer to use. You were the one who is the most familiar with it. You want it to be usable for the average users.


Keep in mind that the potential customers who come to your website are not going to have coding experience at all. They need things to be simple and easy to use. It is your job to create a website that is intuitive and will not waste visitors’ time with complicated features.

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If you follow some of the other tips in this article such as having good content and picking good visuals will help you see success with a functional website.


2. Fast without Lag Time


The speed of your website is going to make a big difference. If your customer has to wait a long time just to get onto the website, they will get frustrated and get off. Your goal is to make the website easy to use and fast to avoid a lost sale.


Despite all of the pieces that need to come together to connect your visitor to your webpage, your potential customer does not want to wait more than a few seconds to get onto the page. This may not seem like a long time to you, but it is to them.


Think about how to make your website faster. Strong code is a good place to start. A simple design without a ton of pop-ups or different movements and visuals can help. Keep the page full of relevant information and leave the rest behind.


3. How the Page Looks


While functionality and speed are both important for your website, you also need to pay some attention to the look and feel of the page. Your visitor is not going to wait around for you to make a good impression; you need to do this right away.

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In fact, you get only 10 seconds to make that first impression. And if the website makes a poor first impression, 57% of internet users have agreed that they will not recommend your website if they find it poorly designed.


Take some time to make a website that is nice to look at. You do not want to overdo the process with a lot of crazy images or color schemes though. Your goal is not to overwhelm the visitors the second they get on the page.


A better idea is to stick with a web page that will showcase your work, provide relevant information to your visitor, and make it look simple and sharp.


4. Make it Mobile Friendly

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It is estimated that about 48% of your visitors will be through a mobile device. And they also admit that if they visit a website that doesn’t seem to work well on their mobile device, they see it as an indication that the business doesn’t really care about them.


With this many customers reaching you through mobile devices rather than their laptops and computers, this is not the message you want to send out. While designing your website, make sure that it is mobile-friendly to help increase your sales.

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5. Use Good Content


Your users are going to be picky about the kind of content they like. With lots of websites on the internet for them to choose from, they can afford to be picky.


Even if you create a great webpage that is easy to access, functions as it should, is fast, and looks good on any device, if you do not have engaging and useful content, your visitor will not be happy.


It is important to use content to help provide value to your customer. The right content can be informative and compelling, while also helping with SEO to boost your website’s ranking in search engines.


Do not focus just on SEO for your content though. This gets annoying and can anger some of your customers. Plus the search engine algorithms are set up to recognize when this is happening and will dock you points.


Think about what your customers want to learn. Many visitors will prefer video content so if your information can be geared toward video content, this is something to consider.


6. Add Contact Information

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Contact Visit Letters – Free photo on Pixabay


Your customers need a way to contact your business if they choose to do so. A simple contact form is enough to avoid frustration and can help your customers tell you complaints, ask questions, or request more information.

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Make sure that every page on the website has a way for users to get your contact information. You can have a header or footer that includes this information or just make it really easy to get to the Contact Page.


7. Keep the Website Up and Running


You need to make sure that your website is able to work 100% of the time. The more downtime on the website, the angrier your customers will get. If there is an issue, consider a 24-hour support system. This helps to address the problem right away.


Making the Best Website Design


A good website design can be great for many companies. It allows them a way to reach customers, sell products, and provide information. When you follow the steps above, you will be able to take care of your website design in no time and make it perfect for all potential customers.

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