One of the most important forms of marketing is videos. With each day passing, the marketing game is getting stronger and competitive. Brands are running in a race to reach their audience, and one of the most important tools for them is to convey their message through video-based marketing. With videos, people can easily personalize their content to reach their potential audience.

The significance of online video marketing is never-ending. People connect to people, not companies. Well, you can use online video editor tools to make stunning videos. Using video marketing as an integral part of your marketing strategy, you can get ideal clients that directly connect with the person behind the organization.

Why include videos in your marketing strategy?

There are several reasons why marketers should include videos in their marketing strategies, some of the most important statistics that signifies the importance of video marketing in digital marketing are:

  1. Videos help customers to understand products better, says 97% of digital marketers.
  2. 81% of marketers say that videos are integral to every digital marketer’s strategy.
  3. You can get 13% of traffic to your account by live videos.
  4. Videos help in the buyer’s purchasing decision, says 90% of customers.

If these statistics aren’t enough, ask yourself why you enjoy learning from videos yourself. Videos, if created beautifully, can give users a personal touch. Marketing with videos is comparatively easy for businesses. Businesses can showcase specific services/products while including engaging music, relatable pictures, fun graphics, and other visual-audio elements.

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Here are 6 ways on how you can strengthen your video marketing strategy.

  1. Focus on Buyer’s Persona

Today, 7 out of 10 people prefer to watch videos online instead of television, and the reason for this is the personalization of videos. It gives users a more personal viewing experience. As a brand, you can take advantage of this trend by focusing on your target audience.

Begin with envisioning who your ideal buyer is. Consider factors like age, location, gender, lifestyle, hobbies and related information. After chalking out the target audience, it will become easier for you to decode your brand’s voice. While scripting, video editing, and uploading, make sure you have the buyer’s expectations in mind.

  1. Convey your Brand Identity

As a brand, you are responsible for conveying the right intent in your videos.

Consumers these days prefer to purchase a product only after understanding the brand value and the identity behind the brand. Consistency plays a huge role in bringing value to your audience. You need to give your brand a voice and tone. Try to include more branding in your video to build a brand image.

Video content demands the creator to be expressive, and you need to tell your brand story to the audience. For building a strong brand identity, consider the below pointers:

  • How you started.
  • An inspirational quote for the day.
  • Show the BTS.
  • A trending video.
  • Personal experience or notions.
  1. Consider your Budget
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It is vital to chalk out the video creation cost. It is straightforward for almost everyone to create and publish a video with the right video editing tools in today’s technological world. However, you must give it a professional look for brand videos or BTS videos.

Be true to your budget. You might have excellent visibility when it comes to market through videos, but if the budget doesn’t allow it, you need a backup! Take time to research different options – it will give you a clear idea of the average cost of videos and make you aware of the services and resources that are available to you.

Suppose you are equipped enough to use video editor tools available online. In that case, you may create a professional-looking video yourself, although it’s advised to leave the online video editing to experts.

  1. Outline your Video Plan

It is an essential step to plan the content for every video that will be a part of your video marketing strategy. Let’s take an example of a video where you need to increase brand awareness for an automobile repair company.

Create the proposed titles for the video, length of the video, writing the script, and such details. Again, a company specializing in video marketing can significantly help this project. Adding to this, it is also imperative to plan where to publish the video content.

  1. Optimize your Video
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One of the most critical steps in video marketing is ensuring content visibility. Additionally, it is essential to optimize the content for search engines. Numerous keyword tools are available online to check that your keywords are relevant to the content. Using relevant keywords in the video title and description gets maximum visibility.

Furthermore, avoid long videos; shorter video lengths get the maximum number of views. Finally, choose to caption your video content, ensuring that the search engine acknowledges it, showing it to users searching for related, similar content.

Don’t forget to add a Call-to-Action at the end of the video; it ensures better chances of conversion.


  1. Track and Test

Analytics is essential for any marketing strategy. But, it doesn’t end with just publishing videos. Tracking your results is an integral part of the video marketing strategy. Everything needs to be tracked, from the number of videos viewed to the video’s keyword-specific messages.

The best way to test is to use A/B testing for your videos to know what works and what does not.

It is going to provide you with the best insight into your users.

Some of the metrics you should track-

  • Play length indicates that the user has watched the entire video or skipped some part.
  • Total views – The number of total views.
  • Engagement metrics – Likes, comments, reshares, and retweets.
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Now that you have an idea of what a video marketing strategy should include, note the factors mentioned previously to consider promoting your videos on the appropriate channels and adding subtitles to your videos. Also, make sure the CTA you include in the video is easily visible. Video marketing is not new, but today it’s accessible to all, with easy online access.


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