Businesses have been finding it difficult to the world of the pandemic. With lockdowns and people confined to their homes, companies are finding themselves in a pickle. However, for some, it is something entirely different. Businesses with mobile eCommerce applications were witnessing exponential growth in their sales. Since people were staying in their homes, the only way for them the get things was through ordering them online. And that is where these businesses were not only able to survive the hardest phase of the pandemic but grow in that particular time.


On the other hand, the demand to find the right mobile app development agency was also at an all-time high. Since businesses saw the potential in a mobile eCommerce application, they were off to find one for themselves.


As the competition grows, there is no doubt that businesses with a robust eCommerce solution would have the upper hand. Many big companies are now rapidly bringing changes to their apps. Even small and medium enterprises are finding the need to have one. And that is why many are now rushing to get one.


Considering these statistics, you must create mobile-first B2B solutions to offer better quality, quicker, and more efficiently than your competitors. We’ll explain the six factors why any digital B2B business requires a mobile eCommerce application in this article.

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1. E-commerce Mobile Apps Boost Productivity


Consumers today, as previously said, aren’t always looking for the lowest price. Rather, consumers desire a simple and quick purchasing experience. And that is what a mobile eCommerce application provides them.


To put it in simple words, your target customer is likely to be in a shop, on the street, or in a busy workplace. Neither would they look to find fun and joy in shopping nor want a long queue. Instead, what they want is a simple app that can allow them to show without a hassle. And by putting a user-friendly eCommerce mobile app in their hands, you would make the job is easy for them.


B2B purchasers’ lives will be made simpler by services such as in-store cash registers, retained order information, notifications. Apart from that, you can also add a couple of more features such as in-stock products, post-payments, etc.


These features in your application will be a great time-saver for your customer and will help you attract them. Users would get all the information they want for special offers in one mobile app, rather than having to jump between messages and your website.


2. B2B customer expects a mobile app for B2B eCommerce


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In this digital era, many users tend to use their smartphones rather than PC to purchase. Whenever making a buying selection, users prefer to use their phones rather than their computers. It is because mobile phones are portable and easily accessible in comparison with a laptop.


The distinction between B2B and B2C customers is that B2C customers primarily don’t have any price concerns. Therefore, though they would not pay much attention to the price, it does not mean that they would be willing to pay any price. Therefore, if B2B eCommerce stores want to attract and retain clients, they must excel at only one thing: providing extra worth.


This does not imply a plethora of capabilities or cheaper costs. Instead, from exploration to delivery, it entails optimizing the overall experience. When built with the correct B2B features, a B2B eCommerce mobile app can achieve just that. It is quicker, simpler to use, and has additional features that make the purchasing process more fluid and enjoyable.


Always remember that your mobile eCommerce application should be robust and user-friendly. If not, then there is no point in having one.


3. An eCommerce Mobile App’s Return on Investment Is Much Greater for a B2B Company


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When we talk about ROI, every business aims to increase and maximize the return on investment. It’s more difficult for a B2C supplier to recoup their investment. Compared with a B2B business, B2C businesses find it difficult to get a higher return on investment. B2B buyers purchase more frequently and in larger quantities than their B2C equivalents. This implies that a B2B eCommerce mobile app pays for itself rather rapidly, with very little risk of going negative.


4. With your B2B Mobile App, You Can Increase Conversion Rates


For any business, they would consider their competitors to be a threat to their business. However, that is not the case. The biggest threat to a B2B company isn’t always a rival. It’s because of the conversion barrier on their mobile site. It is why many buyers don’t end up buying products, and it increases cart abandonment rates.


Many studies show that a great majority of shopping carts are left before a buyer pays. There are a variety of causes for this. However, several of them revolve around negative encounters. Such encounters include lengthy checkout procedures with slow interfaces or poorly developed stores.


In this case, a mobile app or a PWA (progressive web app) can serve. For example, improving checkouts could spare a B2B business 20% of the effort people pay in their carts completing out long and difficult procedures. As a result, there are more conversion rates, and companies would see an increase in their sales.

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5. Don’t let Technology-savvy Rivals Steal Your Clients


Many companies now realize the potential that eCommerce business is offering. Though it was already quite popular, the growth in its popularity in the last few years is changing the way we do business. Several B2B eCommerce businesses feel smart phones, and B2B mobile eCommerce apps are the new big thing. Most of these companies currently have a smartphone application that makes them increase brand loyalty, drive sales, generate income, and turn visitors into purchasers.


To put it in simple words, the change is already underway. If you are not jumping on the bandwagon at this particular moment, you might lose out on a lot. You can be proactive or reactive in your approach. Alternatively, you may wait for rivals to use their B2B eCommerce smartphone application to obtain a competitive advantage and consumers from you.


But, in the end, to remain in business, there will be a need to go mobile. These patterns are only expected to increase as m-commerce keeps taking a larger portion of the traditional eCommerce pie. On mobile, multi-step checkout procedures will become obsolete.


6. Repetitive Purchases and Loyalty Are Boosted by B2B Mobile Apps


When we talk about the factors that determine the success of any business, brand loyalty and customer retention are one of them. Therefore, customer retention is key to B2 B’s success. Unlike B2C brands, which rely on repeat sales to live and succeed, B2B brands rely on regular transactions to live and thrive.

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That been said, you’ll be pleased to learn that users visit a mobile app 2x faster than they do to a mobile website within 30 days. Everyone has a smartphone these days, even the young ones. And with an app, they are much more likely to remember your brand than simply having a website.


Users are continually informed of your brand and app when they use a mobile app. This is because the application icon will appear on their front screen when users view their smartphones. And we all know how many times we check our mobile phones. Therefore, it would be a great way to remind users about your brand.


Moreover, push notifications are also an efficient approach to remind B2B buyers of your brand. You can inform them about the fresh in-stock products and give them regular updates about any new sales. As a result, it would help you increase sales and boost retention while also driving loyalty.

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Wrapping Up

That’s all, folks. These are some of the reasons why you need a B2B mobile eCommerce application. In this digital era, not having an eCommerce application is what your biggest mistake be. Your business would be missing out on many things that would eventually drag you down.

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So now is the time for you to think about getting a robust and user-friendly app that will allow you to shine. But where can you get one? Building one on your own might be hectic, costly, and most likely poorly developed. So instead, what you need is a custom mobile application development company that can help you bring your idea to life.

There are many companies out there whom you can approach for your project. But make sure to check out their previous work and the expertise they are offering to ensure that you have the right people by your side.

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