Vaping has recently increased, with more people choosing to vape rather than smoke the traditional nicotine delivery systems. One may wonder why this is so. Apart from the fact that it is in trend and many reliable CBD products sellers like Organic CBD Nugs are offering the best quality products with easy access, several benefits come with flavored vape. The younger generation, especially, prefers vaping to old-school smoking because of many reasons. Herein are some of the six most viable and exciting reasons why flavored vaping may just overtake the traditional nicotine delivery method.


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  1. No Distinctive Odors


Many people searching the internet for alternative ways to enjoy their favorite nicotine dose without the unpleasant smell can attest that bad odors are repulsive. If they can find a way to enjoy the same nicotine without the bad smell, you can be sure that they will try it. Fortunately, there are numerous alternatives on the market, such as menthol e liquid with nicotine


This e-liquid offers users the same thrill and sensation as regular cigarettes as far as nicotine is concerned. However, it is even better because it does not have the foul smell associated with tobacco. Instead, it has a pleasant menthol smell that makes the user smell fresh. It makes it easier for smokers to interact comfortably with nonsmokers without the offensive smell that can affect smokers’ social lives. 


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What’s more, the e-liquid does not have a clingy smell that makes it easy to notice smoke miles away. It is the new way to enjoy your nicotine in this era. Besides the foul odor associated with the person, tobacco cigarettes also linger onto furniture, clothing, curtains, and other household items. This affects the comfort of smokers as it leaves behind a distinct smell in the house which is not something you want. On the other hand, e-cigarettes are different since users exhale vapor that does not stick to surfaces. Even at that, the vapor has a better smell compared to regular tobacco smoke.


  1. Vaping is Affordable

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Traditional cigarettes have become expensive over time. The cost of buying high-quality tobacco cigarettes has increased over time as rules governing cigarette smoking become stringent worldwide. The rate of inflation has also affected the cost of production, which affects the overall cost of smoking. Besides the actual cost of buying cigarettes, other additional costs are associated with the entire smoking process, such as ashtrays and lighters. 


A smoker can find themselves spending not less than 500 US dollars to enjoy their favorite cigarette. This is way beyond the cost of vaping-flavored e-juice. What may be expensive may be the initial cost of acquiring an e-cig. Once this is done, the subsequent cost of vaping is affordable since all one needs to do is refill the e-cig with their favorite flavor of e-juice. In the long run, it is way cheaper than any form of cigarette smoking. As such, it is more sustainable and easy to keep up with. Most users end up spending between 10 dollars to 50 dollars a month, depending on the frequency of their vaping habits. 


  1. Vaping is Considered Safer


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Most people understand the dangers associated with cigarette smoking, especially to the lungs. But vaping may be much safer than cigarette smoking because it does not involve the release of soot that accumulates on the lungs causing severe damage. 


Besides the health implication, vaping can also be safer because there are no open fires involved. It means that they are less likely to be hazardous because there is no open fire involved when lighting them. Most fire accidents have been caused by cigarette smokers where one accidentally drops a burning cigarette near flammable fuel such as natural gas or oil.

  1. Superior Healthwise

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Numerous studies are pointing towards the dangers of cigarette smoking. These studies show that smoking tobacco cigarettes can be a predisposing factor to a host of other medical and health conditions that you would instead protect yourself against. Some of the common health complications that this habit triggers include stroke, throat and lung cancers, pneumonia, Alzheimer’s, heart attack, and osteoporosis, to mention a few. 


Most people who smoke in their earlier years have a higher likelihood of developing such complications later. What’s more, it has been said that most of these traditional cigarettes contain numerous chemicals, most of which are carcinogenic and will only lead to even more complications.

  1. Vaping Can Be More Socially Acceptable


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It is convenient to vape than to smoke tobacco cigarettes. When users vape, they will most likely release vapor that smells like their flavor of choice. Most of the vape juice flavors are pleasant and generally acceptable. Users can thus interact freely with nonsmokers without fearing any form of stigmatization. 


Some of the smell fades away rather quickly, meaning that there is no need to worry about inconveniencing others. What’s more, there is no side effect of weird smells that cling to the attires, making people wary of your presence. Tobacco cigarette smokers sometimes have to stay away from crowds with mixed people since they never know who they are likely to offend. Employers are also taking a keen look at traditional cigarette smoking, which may also hinder one’s prospects of employment. Rather than miss such opportunities, consider trying vaping instead and protect your social status.


  1. Vaping Can Be Fulfilling


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Anyone who enjoys their nicotine can attest that they are after the throat hit that comes with cigarette smoking. The addictive hand-to-mouth motion associated with smoking cigarettes is also a different motivation. What’s more, the reward of seeing smoke after taking in a vast puff is something that thrills smokers. Many smokers trying to quit cannot use other methods since they either lack any of the three thrilling factors of cigarette smoking or do not have any elements. 


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A good example would be using gummies. While the intention is excellent, the fact that there is no puffing or holding the cigarette stick in the hands makes it impossible to transition to. However, vaping is very similar to smoking, only that it comes without the many negative impacts of cigarette smoking. Any victim that is fond of smoking cigarettes knows that they can still enjoy vaping and slowly ease out of their addictive smoking habit.


Final Thoughts


Choosing between cigarette smoking and vaping is a personal decision. However, understanding the pros and cons of each makes it easier for users to make the right choice. Vaping continues to gain popularity for its convenience. What’s more, the different flavors of e-liquids are captivating and enticing.


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