We all have noticed the landscape of virtual events- right from imposed adoption to becoming familiar and the preferred choice of every sector wishing to host online events. The same goes for the events revolving around students. Even with students being asked to attend events virtually, it becomes more important to include exciting event ideas to keep them hooked throughout the event.

Hence, this is why we have come up with 12 impressive ideas that you can include in your education virtual events to make them a memorable affair;


DIY Tutorials

Keeping DIY tutorials and activities at your virtual event meant for students is a great way to keep them engaged. Activities like DIY candle making, cookie decorating, glass art, furniture painting will arouse excitement among the students. Besides teaching new things to the students, it will also add a fun element to your virtual events.


TED Talks School Edition

The purpose of this virtual idea is to bestow bite-sized learning that is potent enough to inspire students through difficult times. The TED-Ed Student Talks Program encourages students to learn, explore, and exhibit their big ideas through short TED-style talks. Only people who are teaching at schools or are a part of educational institutions can apply. Once an educator gets approval, they get access to a guide that has guidelines and rules on the dos and don’ts of the event.


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Internet Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts have always worked well in promoting engagement and keeping everyone involved in the event. But it need not be conducted via a physical domain; you can recreate the environment through a virtual venue too. Think of your university’s different web pages and social media handles as the spots that individuals have to hunt through. Include mysterious clues and embedded games or videos to drive students on an exciting internet chase.


Self-awareness Sessions

Self-awareness is an essential skill that everyone requires, whether you’re an educator, student, or parent. So, keeping self-awareness sessions at your virtual events will make it a more productive affair. Students will get to learn something new that they can implant for the rest of their life.

Conducting healthy self-awareness develops emotional wellness and self-confidence. It helps students with insights into their individuality and emotional reactions. Self-awareness sessions for students are vital for success. Self-aware individuals have a primary belief in their strength to accomplish a goal, and this quality helps students succeed in every aspect of their life.


Share Documentation of Previous Year’s Important Lectures

Learning in any form has always been beneficial for the students. If your academy maintains records of former guest speakers who made important declarations, you can consider sharing them with your students to keep their desire for learning going. Keep them hooked by hearing them out by a follow-up discussion. 

Virtual Theatre

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It is an impressive and lucrative idea to host successful virtual events. To implement this idea in your virtual events, make sure to choose a leading virtual event platform that has a 3D design feature for the Theatre Arts Classroom and the entire professional field. The Virtual Theatre is usually a web-based platform that eliminates the hassle of downloading anything, and students can have a smooth and seamless experience on the virtual platform.


Sudoku and Crosswords Challenge

Sudoku is considered an excellent game for inciting the mind and turning it more logical. Students will surely profit from this game while incorporating this into their studies. Keep exciting rewards for the fastest student to encourage everyone to perform better.

In case your students get confused with Sudoku due to the numbers in the puzzle. You can also think of including another game to enhance their vocabulary through crossword puzzles. It is also an enjoyable game that might be liked by most of the students at the virtual event.


Career Counselling Sessions

Career choices play a crucial role in developing the future growth and progress of students. In today’s atmosphere that features various options, recognizing the best suitable career opportunity is extremely important.

Career counseling sessions help students in deciding their career path that will help them move towards a brighter and more successful future. Therefore, make sure to choose noteworthy career counselors who can enlighten the path of the students.

Career counselors help students assess their abilities and strengths and overcome barriers to reach their goals. It is an amazing idea that can be incorporated into virtual events planned for students.


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Students Award Ceremony

Through this virtual event idea, you can appreciate your excellent and outstanding students. Who does not like being appreciated or recognized for their achievements? Right from academics, sports, cultural programs, debates, to other co-curricular activities, make sure to appreciate each of the students who have achieved a milestone. It will stimulate your students to endeavor harder and encourage them to perform even better in their respective departments.


Creative Writing Centers

It is an awesome virtual event idea for students who want to make writing their professional career. You can consider keeping competitions for creative writing and give exciting giveaways for the best articles or pieces. Planning for such healthy competitions will raise a competitive mindset among the students and drive them to write better in order to outshine everyone.


Online Quiz Bee

We all understand that there is immense trivia around us, it depends on us, how we want the students to learn from them. Get creative by selecting themes such as history, politics, or some other relevant topic. The winner also has the opportunity to pick the questions of the next round.


House Tour

House tour is familiar content for YouTubers to show their houses to subscribers. Well, you can plan something like this for the students too. Students may have something novel in their home, ask each of them to show that unique thing to the other attendees and explain its significance.

This activity will ensure that each student is seriously involved and gets to learn and know about different things.

Looking for an all-in-one virtual event platform? You may get in touch with Dreamcast to host engaging and interesting virtual events.

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