The story of cakes is more than 4000 years old. Over time, various kinds of cakes have emerged, and every nation has its particular type. For example, New York Cheesecake is a sign of the USA, while Mille-feuille is the fantastic luxury of Italy. The kinds of cakes may differ from one region to another, but the purpose of cake remains the same everywhere. The cake is compatible with making an occasion unforgettable and happy. On all sparkling occasions, cakes multiply the laughter, reducing the misfortunes in all sad occasions. 


Birthdays, ceremonies, Christmas, Valentine’s Day – numerous extraordinary moments for which cakes are required. An exciting and charming cake design you can buy via cake delivery online to help in impressing people. It also provides you with some amazing Insta and Facebook-worthy posts. Various online web portals offer all the standard types and flavours of cakes, & now we have also launched some unique cake flavours & designs.

The latest desserts of this type are considered to be a much healthier option as they hardly contain any butter or egg with the same traditional taste that appeals to the heart of everyone. Such recipes have been gaining increasing popularity since the Victorian age and have gradually undergone certain changes to match the needs of modern times.

Cakes with Personality – 

You can choose from a variety of cakes for your special occasions. One of them is a cake that reflects your loved one’s personality, passions, and hobbies. Fondant cake is one of the nicest types of cakes since it allows you to simply express your emotions. The nicest feature about this Fondant cake is that it can be constructed in any shape or size and knows exactly how to make your loved one’s special day sparkle.

This exquisite and imaginative cake preserves lovely memories and adds a personal touch to the recipient. A fondant cake is the greatest alternative if you want to surprise your loved one on their birthday or any other special occasion. Show your affection and make your loved ones happy!

Here is a list of our 11 unique cake designs that guarantee to make your festive moments remarkable and ordinary days no less than a celebration. These cakes are most delicious.

Chocolate Truffle Cake


When you love to have a chocolate flavour cake, you can add the chocolate truffle cake at your birthday function. It is a cream kind cake that begins with a truffle type. This cake can bond the freshness for your birthday by delivering excellent taste for your flavour buds.

Vanilla Cake

The vanilla cake is one of the most famous designer cakes; this one begins with some of the goodies enjoyed by the sweet-tooth foodies globally. It has sweet cherries on the head, and the final illustration touch is completed by sprinkling embellishing colours on top. It clutches the attention of everyone with its bright pop.

Creamy Carrot Cake

Carrots help in giving good vision, prevent various diseases, and are abundant in nutrients. This carrot cake is enhanced with bright creams and would be a classic Easter gift for your buddies and relatives. Another speciality is our “Chocolaty Carrot Walnut Cake” – in-between chocolate cake layers, carrots are packed while walnuts are spattered on top. Three carrots are also formed on top of the cake. There is no dilemma that your loved ones will get this cake enticing.

Pineapple Mania Cake

The flavour of the cake is loaded with Pineapple, & admittedly it will melt in the mouth to retreat for your flavour buds. The sour stench of this pineapple cream flavour on the cake can design as per your thoughts.

Heart-shaped Chocolate Truffle Cake

Melt the hearts of your cherished ones with the delightful heart-shaped chocolate truffle cake. It’s a wet and thick chocolate cake with stripes of chocolate truffle. You can combine cherries and some fruits on the cover and go for the eggless cake for that unusual cake. Order cake online Delhi and relish the taste of chocolate!

Blueberry Cream Cake

The fans of blueberries would get this cake just the ideal gift for any specific moment. Blueberries are low-calorie grains that include a high value of antioxidants. Our cooks have used chocolates & cherries also to enhance this beautiful cake. To greet someone on a birthday or some bizarre accomplishment – this sweet cake would be an excellent choice.

Crunchy Butterscotch

When you consider tasting the crunchier cream cake, you can think of getting crunchy butterscotch. The outer surface of the cake will enhance with crunchy butterscotch, & the inside layer will be loaded with butterscotch cream.

Vanilla Fruit cake

Are you fitness conscious? If yes, then taste out the vanilla fruit cake. It’s brewed with an outbreak of crunchy seasonal fruits & sweet taste-t-tell creams. This cake will turn everyone at the function into “Oliver twist”, requesting some more!

Tempting Coffee Cake

Coffee is a well-known energizer, and the scent is enough to mesmerize coffee enthusiasts. Our mouth-watering coffee cake is for those coffee lovers whose satisfaction would double with this gift. We have different coffee swirl cakes- the head of this cake has a twist design. These coffee cakes would be a pleasant mate to your cup of coffee!

Sugarfree Kitkat Cake

It is a chocolate cream cake decorated with candies. When you worry about your sugar level while possessing the cakes, you can savour the sugar-free cakes with chocolate taste cake. Try this to make your birthday more unique as per your health.

Mango Cake

ShadeLike the yellow roses are for gifting your buddies – the mango cake also fills the same gifting category. Shade does intend a lot as it serves to express sentiments and emotions. You can as well ramp up the function atmosphere into a peaceful place with the mango cake. It’s made utilizing fresh mango essence and some-more usual cake ingredients & flavours like butterscotch & blueberry.

Aside from all these cakes, we also have almond, plum, oreo, white forest, etc. In mesmerizing designs. Add these cakes to your forthcoming occasions and capture the hearts of your cherished ones.

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